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Virtually Untangled offers an array of services to help our forward-thinking clients succeed in a world of digital. But we also like to keep things simple by putting our clients (YOU) in control so they can make informed choices about how to best manage their business — and money.

With more than 15 years of knowledge and experience, we are the digital glue to your big picture.
And to help with that, here is a general listing of services (and retainer options) we offer with accompanying prices and money saving packages …

Survival Packages

Every business is at a different stage when it comes to their marketing and digital-facing needs. That’s why we offer these specialized “survival” packages that are easily customizable to meet your needs.

Digital Glue Packages

You are on point and have all the elements of your brand in place but need some help getting them to virtually come together. That’s why we bundled our most requested digital “untangling” services by social and web.

All-Inclusive Retainers

All “untangling” services bundled under one roof … a graphic designer, a social guru, a virtual assistant, a copywriter and some web tech help on call to help with whatever you need, whenever you need it!

Graphic Design Packages

This is our “secret sauce” and what makes our merry-go-round, well … Go round! You’ve got the vision, now it’s time to join forces and bring that vision to life with customizable a la carte options and pricing.

Virtual Assistance

The world of to-do’s is large and vast! We take organization and productivity very seriously (hence “untangled” in our name). These packages let you choose how much time you need, not get stuck paying hourly.

Hourly Rates

These rates are the perfect option for individuals who aren’t ready for monthly or packaged commitments for graphic design, virtual assistance, web design and/or author’s/blogging support.

Our Hourly Rates …

These rates are the prefect option for individuals who aren’t ready for monthly or packaged commitments. These rates only require a minimum of a one-hour contract. Additional time is billed in 30-minute increments. *An all-inclusive estimate based upon the chosen support rate will be provided pending project details.

Virtual Assistance: $40 /hour
Graphic Design Support: $75 /hour
Author’s/Blogging Support: $45 /hour
Website Design/Tech Support: $85 /hour

Why Hire Virtually?

As an entrepreneur, you already have plenty to keep track of. With so many items to check off your to do list every single day, it can be way to easy to spend hours on small — though important — tasks foregoing the essential work of putting concepts into action and solidifying your bigger picture. This is where Virtually Untangled comes in …!

Partnering with a virtual professional with an array of skills ensures that every single item on your to do list is completed quickly, efficiently and professionally. All the while helping you save on employee costs.

So, whether you’re looking to accomplish “smaller” tasks such as content curation, logo design or much larger projects like re-branding your business, building or freshening up your website or even starting a blog or podcast … Working with a virtual professional, will allow you the time you need to focus on your bigger picture, be more productive and less stressed.

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If the specifics of your desires are not listed here, feel free to touch base.
Chances are we have done it before or know of someone who can help.