every business has a very powerful story.





so, let’s explore and tell yours!
graphic design

Every design begins with an even better story.

But before we begin creating yours, we must together explore and simplify so we can build up your brand in such a way that it’s authentically you. Just the way it should be. Having an exceptional branded design that tells a story with a good narrative connects you with the audience on a much deeper level, beyond fast onboarding, generous welcome offer, and hassle-free help. People remember stories up to 22 times more easily than remembering facts.

The ultimate goal here is to make sure your lovely visitors feel something. That they connect with your brand on an emotional level, instead of seeing it as just another place. Be bold. Be direct. Be personable. Be human. Be real. And most importantly … BE YOU.

Graphic design is our “secret sauce” … it’s what makes our merry-go-round, well … go round!

You’ve got the vision, now it’s time to join forces and bring that vision to life. Now, we all know the virtual world is saturated more than even before … There’s a heck of a lot of content out there that you are competing with on a daily basis — which makes it very important to churn out great, unique, and quality content. That is the basis to “win” at content marketing! And we cna help you do that by creating interesting and innovative designs that make your audience feel #AllTheFeels and believe, “this was written specifically for me”.

With that in mind, it’s important for us to tell you what we offer, but our list of design “untangling” services doesn’t tell you the most important thing — the value of what we offer.

so, let’s create something
together, today.
graphic design À la carte
graphic design
À la carte

Imagine giving your brand a complete overhaul with a fresh logo, revamped business cards, and updated social media profiles that seamlessly tie everything together. Picture your marketing collateral, including brochures, flyers, and posters, designed to captivate and convert. Envision a modern facelift for your website with stunning visuals and user-friendly layouts. Think about launching a social media campaign with eye-catching graphics and ads that boost engagement across your platforms. Or, consider promoting your next big event with banners, invitations, and digital ads that make it unforgettable.

This virtual buffet bucket list below is not limited to what you see here – anything (and we really mean ANYTHING!) on your virtual bucket list is a GO! Just let us know what you need, and we’ll find a suitable price/package for you!

We also offer All-Inclusive Retainer Packages for getting things done in bulk. Or feel free to choose our hourly rate option, so you can get creative with what you need, when you need it (in small doses) – without breaking the bank!

Bundle costs are clear and upfront. No hidden fees or surprises.

speaker one-pager
custom stationary
posters / desk signage
billboard / bus bench
email signature
web or social banners
brochures / flyers
retail store signage
presentation decks
social media graphics
website graphics
annual reports
event invitations
magazine layouts
package design
podcast cover art
interactive pdf's
custom apparel
custom illustrations
don’t see what you crave of need?

Beyond the bucket list of ideas above, we have meticulously curated a selection of our TOP 5 most requested à la carte services, thoughtfully bundled into easy-peasy “untangling” graphic design packages. These packages are designed to streamline your project needs, offering a perfect balance of creativity and convenience. Whether you’re looking to refresh your brand, elevate your social media presence, or create eye-catching marketing materials, our top 5 bundles provide the most popular and impactful services to help you achieve your goals with ease. Explore these tailored packages and discover how effortlessly you can bring your vision to life!

logo design
(CAD) à la carte
This design package includes:
3 Concepts + 3 Sets of Revisions
Workable + Final Files
logo design (elite)
(CAD) à la carte
This design package includes:
5+ Concepts + Unlimited Revisions
Workable + Final Files
(CAD) à la carte
50 pages max. - which also includes:
"Untangling" Strategy Session (30 mins)
Workable + Final Files
(CAD) à la carte
100 pages max. - which also includes:
"Untangling" Strategy Session (30 mins)
Workable + Final Files
eguide / book
(CAD) à la carte
200+ pages - which also includes:
"Untangling" Strategy Session (30 mins)
Workable + Final Files
need some brand consistency?

Once your brand is ready to go and shining bright, we also offer brand style guides to help you keep your team, contractors and everyone else in between in check with everything running smoothly. If this sounds like something you need (or will need in the near future) because you feel you have more of a brand mess, rather than a brand message, here are some add-on services where we can help you bring consistency to the forefront!

brand style guide
(CAD) One-Time Fee
This package includes:
Logo Usage Guidelines + "Rules"
Brand Colour Palette + Codes
Typography Recommendations
+ Any Other Elements Unique To Your Brand
expanded brand style guide
(CAD) One-Time Fee
This package includes:
Everything from the "Brand Style Guide" Package, plus ...
Brand Messaging + Email Signature Guidelines
Photo + Illustration Guidelines + "Rules"
+ Any Other Elements Unique To Your Brand

If you think about it … every time we buy something, we’re casting a vote with our money to support the values of that specific brand. Whether it’s something tangible, or something virtual like a service. Their design shapes our own culture and by paying, we’re saying that we want them to keep going.

So, the designers (just like us!) who create these brands and products or services are responsible for the messages and visuals we see everyday around us. That responsibility is a balance between what their audience is looking for right now and what they believe the future should hold.

Design helps push forward and strive to make changes in our culture and society.

How do you want your brand and designs to shape the future?

If you think about it ... in reality,  design creates culture. Culture shapes values. And values determine the future.

Years of Experience

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We understand that great ideas can’t be limited to any one single list. That’s where our All-Inclusive retainers (our hourly rates) come in.

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