When DESIGN and ORGANIZATION meet, beautiful things happen.

Virtually Untangled is here to help you build, organize, manage and maintain your business goals with ease. We develop strategies, build brands, create content and then some — all to inspire the people our brands care most about. And to help you finally clear up that ever-growing to do list.

We will help you make your big picture a reality.

By crafting amazingly strategic designs and processes that pack a punch and creating unique digital experiences. With more than 15 years of knowledge and expertise in the virtual world, delivering that WOW experience — all day, everyday! — we ARE the digital glue to your big picture.

We are a full-service business which means we’ve got you covered.

From design and content right through to digital and organization. You will form a long-lasting relationship with us as collaboration is central to everything we do. And yes, we may nudge you out of your comfort zone, but only so you can shine — as you should, and deserve to! And we can’t wait to work with you!


We are here to reconnect you to a world of change thinkers.

Since our inception, we have produced cutting-edge creative and organizational solutions for businesses all over the world. We helped every one of them reignite that special passion with their brand, how they feel about it and how they feel about their business as a whole.

Bottom line ...

We build brands, untangle businesses and help them succeed.
  • Emily Rentas
    Paragon Solstice Inc.

    "Crystal is truly a master of her craft. She is creative, efficient, and extremely organized. Crystal has the ability to transform your ideas, strategy, and vision into captivating pieces of content. Her ability to identify blind spots, gaps, and duplication of processes helps business owners focus on what is truly important. I highly recommend her services to any business owner or company!"

  • Lisa Marineau
    Lead Generation Consultant
    Virtual Success With Lisa

    "Crystal and I work on the same client team. Crystal is the quarterback of the team. She is conscientious, hard-working and a true leader. She keeps our team organized and running smoothly. I would highly recommend her!"

  • Joan Van De Griek
    Joan Van De Griek, CPA, LLC.

    "Crystal and her team are a trustworthy source of support while delivering creative messaging and brand support to my public accounting and insurance firms. Their support delivery is timely and poignant for busy professionals who have the luxury of being able to let them “drive” branding and SEO campaigns to success while you get to focus on strategic goals and operational delivery."

  • Melissa Batchelor
    Melissa B PhD

    "Without Crystal, I would be tangled up - #ForSure! She has gone above and beyond to help me revamp my website and a new podcast I started this year. I appreciate her keen eye for design and her initiative to be innovative in how to best showcase my professional career. She is highly organized, keeps me on track, and I have enjoyed every minute of working with her!"

  • Lia Dunlap
    The Oracle On Purpose

    "Crystal is a thoughtful and effective partner in helping me manage the mechanics of business online. Her ability to see the bigger picture and offer input and solutions is welcomed as I get to focus my energy and effort on my REAL work. Having Crystal on your team can give you the chance to up level your positioning and create a streamlined flow of business to reach your business goals with ease. I highly recommend her for all your Virtual Assistant and Back End Support needs."

  • Rebecca Metauro
    Virtual Assistant
    RSM Virtual Assistant Services

    "Working with Crystal has been nothing but a pleasure. She is extremely organized, a gifted writer, and is very efficient when it comes to meeting deadlines. She is very accommodating and provides help and assistance when clarification is needed. Crystal has always made me feel like part of her team and has become an amazing mentor. I am nothing but grateful to her for taking me under her wing and giving me the opportunity to be one of her #Untanglers. I wouldn't be where I am in my business without her guidance and leadership. Crystal is an amazing entrepreneur who has chased her dreams, and I can only hope to be as amazing as her with my entrepreneurial goals. I cannot say enough amazing things about working with Crystal - I would recommend working with her (and for her) to anyone and everyone!"

  • Scott Jackson
    Long-Term Care Insurance Consultant
    CPS Employer Benefits Insurance Solutions, Inc.

    "Crystal is Awesome! She helped me design Keynote speeches using her great graphic designs! Lastly, she created 6 marketing pieces that get prospects attention that have them pick up the phone or email wanting more information! Thank You Crystal!"

  • Pam Baker

    "I've entrusted the guts of our organization to Crystal over the past 6 months and couldn't be more glad I did. Crystal is forward thinking, super efficient, and a fantastic partner. She has an awesome grasp of resources and I rely on Crystal often for recommendations on the how and the what. If you're looking for a virtual admin who's reliable, insightful and focused on excellence, I highly recommend Crystal. You'll enjoy working with her."

  • Patrick Allmond
    Founder/Digital Marketing Expert
    Focus Digital Marketing Agency

    "I’ve been amazed with Crystal’s work from day one. It’s rare to find someone who has a knack for organization, graphic design and the ability to just “get what you want”. She is all that and more. I know when she works on anything for me that the “rough draft” will be perfect. I wish I had 10 of her. Highly recommended. Stop shopping and hire her."

  • Shaun Royer
    Soundcheck Artists

    "Crystal is a lifesaver. She is a wonderful Virtual Assistant (VA) that has helped me get organized and build up my business."

  • Sue Ferreira
    Sales Professional/Team Member
    The Freedom Shift + Sales MAP

    “Crystal is the MOST ORGANIZED person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with. She has the perfect name for her business, as she will "virtually untangle" your world, put everything in order, give you peace of mind and free up your time to focus on your passion, your business and your clients. I highly and unreservedly recommend, Crystal and Virtually Untangled. By the way, did I mention she is also very creative and artistic? How often do you find a creative and artistic, uber-organized person?”

  • Danielle Gomez
    Serious Take Productions

    “I absolutely love working with Crystal. She is very detail-oriented, competent, and organized. I highly recommend her VA services to all of my clients and friends that I know who need her.”

  • Lesley Smith
    Lesley Smith Productions + Healing Answers

    “Working with Crystal feels like "magic" is happening. This was my first time working with a virtual assistant and it was a great one. She is highly organized and intuitive and worked quickly and efficiently to get my tech issues and structure for my businesses in order. She's a one stop shop!  She was able to create the framework for social media and my behind the scenes issues and create highly effective graphics and brochures for me. Her work ethic is tremendous, and she is always on time and under budget. I highly recommend Crystal for any size business for ongoing support or on a project by project basis! You won't be disappointed!"

  • Randy Haveson
    Randy Speaks

    “Crystal is amazing! Even with my severe ADD, she keeps me on track and moving forward. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to "untangle."

  • Patrick McCarty
    Westbound Yachts

    “Crystal just gets it! She knows many different types of methods to enhance your electronic footprint. When you engage her and you get to trust her, she will be your upgrade.”

  • Ashley DeLuca
    Ashley K DeLuca

    “Crystal is amazing! She is always on top of her game by helping things stay organized and on track. I highly recommend Crystal, hands down!”

  • Christine Dubyts
    Dubyts Communications

    "I had the opportunity to work with Crystal and found she was incredibly efficient, creative and reliable. Crystal was able to take on several projects at the same time, ensuring key details were looked after and that the client was happy with the end product. I have recommended Crystal in the past and will continue to recommend her in the future."

  • Tamara Thompson
    Serious Take Productions
    5.0 rating

    "Crystal is professional, detail-oriented and a great communicator. She knows so much on the design side and a pleasure to refer our clients to. Our clients receive her help integrated into our program service and she puts those final touches with social media deliverables, and tasks to allow our clients to shine and become untangled."

  • Olympia Hostler
    The Queen of Wealth
    Women Choose Wealth
    5.0 rating

    "Crystal is THE best VA in the whole wide world! She is my incredible VA who takes care of so many things so that my business runs smoothly. She's in charge of building my classes, my email lists, project management, social media and Linkedin lead generation. Among her many other talents! Crystal has helped me be so much more productive, make more money, and helps me free up my mental and emotional energy. P.S. Plus she is Canadian and super friendly."

  • Tobin Slaven
    Owner and Founder
    Tobin Slaven | Musttryit Media
    4.0 rating

    "My experience with Crystal is interesting ... it's as a member of a team (through Janet Clark at The Freedom Shift) where she is the VA and Graphic Designer. Her skills shine on both sides of things but the thing that is most valuable about Crystal is that she's dependable. She is someone who shows up and does the work. You can trust her and count on her. She shows up through thick and thin. Nothing dies on her desk. LOL!"

  • Susan Reu
    Targeted Word Solutions
    5.0 rating

    "It was a pleasure working with Crystal on the logo for my business. If not for Crystal, I still wouldn't have a logo, because she gently nudged me until we got it done. I am always amazed by her graphic design skills. She made the process less intimidating than it might have been and was patient with me while I tried to decide between the choices she created for me. I am very pleased with the result."

  • Lyndsey Dueck
    Lyndsey Dueck (VA)
    5.0 rating

    "Crystal is great to work with -- she's very organized and quite talented! Her skills cross over several realms and you'll never worry about the quality of her work - your business needs her expertise!"

  • Patti Ulrich
    MRM Sales Inc.
    5.0 rating

    "When it comes to digital marketing and business organization services there are loads of organizations that talk a good game, but Crystal will help you make it happen. She is prompt, efficient, professional - and very creative! It's engaging customers and following through with great business practices that provide countless results - and this is exactly what Virtually Untangled does!"

  • Ruth and Alan Hargrave
    Summit Consulting
    5.0 rating

    "Hey virtual friends! We just want to give a shout out to Crystal for her amazing help with her Virtually Untangled business! She is a creative, patient, fun and brilliant web designer and virtual assistant to our company, Summit Consulting! She skillfully advises us on what might attract clients and cleverly teaches us on our website postings. We are extremely delighted to have such a creative company to build our evolving re-branded Summit Education mentorship business. Thank you ? Crystal!"

  • Lisa Thompson
    Director of Marketing/Brand Strategist
    Brand Revival & Design Inc.
    5.0 rating

    "Crystal and I have worked on graphic design projects together and she is such a pleasure to work with. She is professional, extremely well organized, timely and affordable. I know I can count on her to get the job done and that things will be done to high standard. I can't wait to work with her on other exciting projects."

  • Christine Jose
    Founder and CEO
    Cupcake Catacomb
    5.0 rating

    "Crystal is phenomenal human being, she is most organised person I have ever met. She really devotes her time and all her effort into her work, she is worth every penny! A god save! Thanks Crystal!"

  • Jill Hart
    Hart Roofing and Renovations Inc.
    4.0 rating

    "Hart Roofing and Renovations has had the pleasure of working with Crystal for many years. She has a great eye for design and she is very accommodating and patient. Crystal is very professional, easy to work with and very receptive. Hart Roofing would highly recommend Virtually Untangled for all your design services. Crystal has the responsiveness and ability to implement a client’s needs and goals promptly with great attention to detail."

  • Alan Gordon
    Knowledge Bureau
    4.0 rating

    “Truly a pleasure working with Crystal. Within a very short timeline, Virtually Untangled delivered a quality product that helped us launch a new program across Canada.”

  • Tammy Johnston
    Social Media Manager
    Dragon Lady Hockey School
    5.0 rating

    “Working with Crystal has been a treat. She is very responsive to the needs of her customers and she always checks in about the details of the job. The work she produces is of the best quality, very clean, and modern looking. The Dragon Lady Hockey School has benefitted greatly from her craftsmanship in the designing of our logo design, website, business cards and posters. We recommend her for all services and will definitely be using her services in the future for promotional materials and updating our website.”

  • Carla McDonald
    Founder and CEO
    The Travelling Guardian
    5.0 rating

    I approached Crystal Kordalchuk, CEO of Virtually Untangled, when I wanted to write a couple of blogs for my Travelling Guardian website and thought it would be easy ... I was wrong and needed a professional to help! Crystal helped me by setting up a meeting to get to know what my business was all about. I liked that she was prepared, took a lot of notes, and was genuinely interested in my business and about myself/how I got started. I had prepared in advance what I wanted to blog on and she was incredibly accommodating. I found the experience with Crystal to be excellent. She is very personal to deal with and always checking in with you to see if there is anymore that can be done. I would recommend Virtually Untangled to anyone that would like to have a blog written for their business.”

  • Linda Lopeke
    Chairman and CEO
    Power One Digital
    5.0 rating

    “Crystal shares a rare combination of gifts in serving her clients. She brings the best of her prolific artistic talent and professional skills to your graphic design needs. And just as easily applies her creative genius to problem-solving bringing fresh, pro-active thinking to every business challenge. She makes it seem effortless even though we all know it isn't. She is fearless in embracing new ideas and trying out new technologies, practical in handling sensitive research when providing recommendations to clients, and tenacious when protecting their financial interests with suppliers. Quite frankly, you will wonder how you ever survived without Crystal looking out for your best interests every day.”

  • Janet Clark
    Founder and CEO
    The Freedom Shift
    5.0 rating

    “Working with Crystal has been fun and exciting. Not only is she a talented graphic designer, she is also smart, creative and extremely organized. Her work is excellent, and she goes the extra mile to delight her clients.”

We think big and dream even bigger. And we never underestimate the power of a good idea.

If that sounds like a lofty goal … it is. A decade ago, we founded Virtually Untangled with the goal of creating meaningful digital experiences that connect with people. Today, we conceive, design, develop and maintain applications for web, mobile and beyond. By leveraging technology to expand your reach.


Happy Clients
Dreams Created

So, let’s tell yours …!

Graphic design is Virtually Untangled’s “secret sauce”.

It is what makes our merry-go-round, well … GO ROUND! You’ve got the vision, now it’s time to join forces and bring that vision to life. But before we begin creating, we must explore and simplify so we can build up your brand in a way that is authentically you. Just the way it should be. It’s also important for us to tell you what we offer, but out list of services doesn’t tell you the most important thing — the value of what we offer.

Survival Packages …

Every business is at a different stage when it comes to their marketing and digital-facing needs. That’s why we offer these specialized “survival” packages that are easily customizable to meet your needs.

Graphic Design Packages …

This is our “secret sauce”. It’s what makes our merry-go-round, well … go round! It’s time to join forces and bring that vision to life through services such as logos, business cards, newsletters, eBooks and even promo videos.

Digital Glue Packages …

We are a branding, design and digital creative agency. We bring new brands to life and breathe new life into existing ones. Digital glue is our our most requested digital “untangling” services bundled by social media and web.

Virtual Assistance …

The world of to-do’s is large and vast! We take organization and productivity very seriously (hence “untangled” in our name). Hiring a Virtual Assistant is the new-age, cost-effective way of doing business.

Be Our Client …

Since our inception, we have produced cutting-edge creative and organizational solutions for companies all over the world. We helped every one of them reignite that special passion with their brand. Now it’s YOUR TURN!