Creativity Never Sleeps …!

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It’s the wee hours of the night. You know that grey area between “Goodnight” and “Good Morning”. You are all tucked and cozy warm in bed but your mind is still racing with thoughts of “I need to sleep but oh wait, not until I finish going through this new idea.” And those creative juices […]

What the Font … ?

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Hi, all! Today I’m going to get a bit more technical with you regarding something very important. Just an important as last Thursday’s post about “deadly” sins of graphic design. This post ties into some of those sins. So today, we’re going to get down and dirty about rules in using fonts. So, in short, […]

The Deadly Sins of Graphic Design

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Yes, this is real. What you are reading is true! There are rules to graphic design. I praise those who love to learn and be a do-it-yourself entrepreneur. Especially if funds are tight for adding these types of services to your business, you love learning and have a true knack for being creative. However, I’m […]

Do You Know How to Speak Designer?

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Designing anything from scratch can be truly difficult. Especially when you are new to working with graphic designers. Or perhaps even working with a new designer. When you are emailing with a creative individual, it’s sometimes hard for us to envision what you’re truly looking to see. I imagine it’s even harder sometimes to virtually […]

Does Colour Really Matter?

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When you enter a room, see someone walking toward you on the street or look up at a billboard while stuck in yet another rush-hour traffic jam, the first thing you notice is colour. It grabs your attention. We can all use and truly enjoy a wide spectrum of colour in our lives, no matter […]