Does Colour Really Matter?

When you enter a room, see someone walking toward you on the street or look up at a billboard while stuck in yet another rush-hour traffic jam, the first thing you notice is colour. It grabs your attention. We can all use and truly enjoy a wide spectrum of colour in our lives, no matter what our gender, race, income level or profession.


“I found that I could say things with colours and shapes that I could not say with words”

– George O’Keeffe, American Artist


In a society of prized individualism, we now take great joy in choosing colour themes for our home, office, wardrobe and vehicles. Most people are unaware of the science behind colour, which starts with the twelve-segment colour wheel as sort of a road map to eye-pleasing, effective combinations. Colours also have psychological effects on our minds and bodies. For example, reds can make people jumpy, feel excitement, danger or passion, or even feel empowered. Yellow is associated with joy, warmth and stimulates clear thinking (my office wall is actually called “Bunch O’ Bananas” as I feel it brightens even the toughest work days). Shades of green or pink can calm us down and make us feel relaxed.

So believe it or not, wearing certain colour can help you get a raise, win an argument, have the best job interview of your life and even encourage your friends to spill the latest and greatest gossip. Colours in your home can have the ability to relax you, encourage or discourage a conversation or perhaps even give you insomnia. Colours on packaging send you subliminal messages that enclose the product as either expensive, cheap, healthy or even dangerous. Why? Because the eye’s perception of each colour triggers instantaneous reactions on your brain and nervous system.

Since colour unconsciously influences us on an every day basis, there is a huge advantage to understanding how and why these reactions occur. So, when it comes to marketing and branding on the business aspect of things, colour psychology is on the most important components of creating designs that “POP” and achieve the desired objective to your viewers. Instead of going into grave detail about the importance of colour within your brand, below is a fun infographic sourced from: https://business-applications.financesonline.com/review-of-famous-company-logos/ to show you some statistics on how multi-million dollar companies have created success for themselves by starting with their brand.

Psychology of Colour_infographic


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