50 Content-Rich Blog Post Ideas

Graphic design is my “secret sauce” but writing soothes my soul.


Well, folks, as you already know … TODAY we are celebrating our 300th blog post. And  we’re in the midst of winding down our blog for a little while BUT ramping up one something even greater by opening up a new digital avenue to keep the tips, tricks n’ resources coming your way with an audio version; The Digital Glue Podcast. And with that being said, we thought no better way to end off our blog by sharing with you some truly amazing blog post ideas (just like we did with last week’s post – consider this part two!).

So, before we dive into today goodies …
I want to share with you my “WHY” to starting this blog in the first place.

I started writing as a personal tool to journal as a way to help me be more mindful of the changes that were going on in my life. This all started at a very young age, in my diary which grew to my young adult years as journaling and right on through (still to this day, in my “younger years”, ha-ha!) as part of Virtually Untangled’s growth.

However, somewhere along the line, it became less about writing stories about my life’s journey and more about a form of storytelling to help improve and change the way people see business … Especially since we’re living in a “different world” right now and tech moves faster than we blink!


So, let me just say this (to keep things short) …

Technology sometimes has a bad reputation. However, one of the greatest gifts it ever gave society was the ability to gain access to any and every resource imaginable. Which goes back to the main reason I started this blog. I wanted to put myself into that virtual container of the internet by sharing insightful and resourceful blog posts in a fun, yet informational kind of way. I wanted to share with the world things that helped my business, the businesses of my honorary “untangler” team members as well as the businesses of our clients so we could all grow – and help each other grow – together!

Since Virtually Untangled is kinda an entrepreneurial “buffet” of service options, I wanted my blog to also be a “one-stop-shop” of information.


I also wanted a way to showcase the growth and success stories of other entrepreneurs we have meet along the way. (You can find these posts in our archives and soon to be in eBook format in our shop coming in 2021!)

So, after starting my first interview series back in 2017, I realized there was a strong need for more storytelling. I was left with a feeling of pure gratitude and inspiration and even more so wanted to figure out a way to show support and share the love, to all the hardworking entrepreneurs hustling out there, building their empires and not letting a single thing stomp on their dreams.

#PayItForward  #WeDugDeep

Sharing all those heart-warming life-changing stories not only opened my eyes to the incredible talents, strengths and struggles of other amazing humans around the globe, but hopefully has helped others along the way … whether in a struggle of how to leave their dead-end 9 to 5 or looking for growth but feeling stuck. I wanted other entrepreneurs to feel as empowered as I did when I interviewed these individuals. And I wanted to help make their special businesses shine – even more than they already are! 💙

Today I am sharing with you 50 content-rich blog post ideas (to piggy-back off last week’s No-Fluff list) that you can use for your business blog. If you are suffering from writer’s block, we got you covered! And don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

So, let’s dive into those golden ideas!
  1. Share a behind the scenes look of your business.
  2. Highlight things you’d like to change in your industry.
  3. Write about your process you take your ideal clients through.
  4. Review online courses you have taken in the past.
  5. Create a roundup post feature helpful links to other blogs.
  6. Write about how you got started.
  7. Share how you became successful in your industry.
  8. Feature a professional in your industry.
  9. Write about on thing you don’t agree about in your industry.
  10. Share your site’s manifesto.
  11. Explain the meaning of your business name.
  12. Feature some of your previous work.
  13. Make a list of things someone should avoid in your industry.
  14. Tell people how they can best work with you.
  15. Share your mission statement and strategy.
  16. Giveaway some of the top secrets of your industry.
  17. Write about common misconceptions.
  18. Teach your audience something different.
  19. Create a flashback post.
  20. Write a post about the worst advice you have received.
  21. Share your sources of inspiration.
  22. Debunk common myths and misconceptions in your industry
  23. Share interesting stats from your industry.
  24. Summarize a book.
  25. Share a failure from your past and what you learned from it.
  26. Summarize a podcast.
  27. Share about someone who influences you.
  28. Try something new and share lessons learned.
  29. Share your opinion on a current event.
  30. Share how the celebrity did X.
  31. Reverse engineer the success of others.
  32. Share productivity tips for your industry.
  33. Create a roadmap to success for your ideal client.
  34. Share a tutorial of something you do.
  35. Share what you wish you would have known before starting.
  36. Write a review of your favorite product you use.
  37. Create a mood board and share the story behind it.
  38. Talk about how something new will affect people.
  39. Create a cheat sheet for something.
  40. Ask another blogger to write a guest post.
  41. Weigh the pros and cons of an important decision.
  42. Create a list and recommend the best videos
  43. Do an in-depth comparison of the two products.
  44. Make a timeline of the events that changed your industry.
  45. Share rumors about potential development.
  46. Connect your niche to a trending moment.
  47. Explain why something in your industry failed.
  48. What’s in your bag?
  49. Create an A‑Z post around one topic.
  50. Comment on outdated practices in your industry.
But one more thing before we open the doors to our podcast …
Here are some other Virtually Untangled blog related recourse posts to keep at your fingertips:



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