50 Blog Post Ideas – Part Three

Okay, so we’ve been talking a lot about blogging over the past while …and in a couple special posts we even touched base about the “art” behind a truly amazing blog post (part one and part two). I even shared with you my “why” when it comes to blogging for my business – which just so happened to go live (coincidentally in fact) on the anniversary of my 200th blog post!


So, trust me when I tell you that I completely understand how painful it can bet coming up with new content for your blog day after day … after day! Some days it can sometimes even feel impossible, maybe even exhausting, especially when your brain is being pulled in over a thousand different directions.


Well, today I decided to add some more posting ideas into the mixture in which I hope it will help get those creativity hamsters back on their wheel! So, let the brainstorming begin with another 50 blog post ideas in addition to the ones shared in the first two parts of this series (shared below)! ?


To re-cap, we’ve gone over some general starters followed by an expanded list of specifics (all available in Part One) then we dug deep into resources, timing, self-promotion, personalized topic and for people who love to learn (all available in Part Two). Now today, we’re going to expand on these ideas, with some new ones, just a little bit more (well, another 50 actually, YAY!). Here we go …


Questions to Answer:
  1. How did you start your business? And why?
  2. What failures have you overcome in your business?
  3. What makes you and your business unique within your niche?
  4. What is your businesses manifesto?
  5. What are your tried n’ true social media tips?
  6. What adventures does a person like you in your niche experience?
  7. What distractions do you have? How do you cope?
  8. How do you plan to achieve your current goals?
  9. How do you plan to meet the needs/goals of your customers/clients?
  10. What inspires you? How do you keep that flame burning?
  11. What is on your business bucket list?
  12. How do you schedule your work week? (Can even break down to “day” if you want.)
  13. What life experience shaped you into who you are? Your business?
  14. What are the deadly sins of your niche (or career)?
  15. What are your go-to app, platforms, programs?
Things to Ponder:
  1. Write about a connection to things seemingly unrelated
  2. Write an FAQ
  3. Write a list of hacks (your niche or others)
  4. Write about a glimpse into the day in the life < your niche >
  5. Write a truth vs. lie
  6. Write about the toughest part of being a ___________ …
  7. Write a story … about anything
  8. Write a roundup of best tutorials
  9. Write about what happen “behind the scenes” in your business
  10. Write about ways to stay peacefully productive
  11. Write an open letter
  12. Participate in a blog hop or blog roundup
  13. Write an alphabetical A to Z …
  14. Write about, 100 things that _____________ …
  15. Write about specific terms that need explaining


Pack a Punch:
  1. Interview a team member
  2. Interview someone who inspires you
  3. Interview an influencer
  4. Highlight a creative use for one of your products/services
  5. Create a curation of best jokes in your niche
  6. Share your gifts with the world
  7. Celebrate your businesses birthday (blog too!)
  8. Go on a rant about something
  9. Create a blog roundup (best of year, week, month, certain topic, etc.)
  10. Dig deep into a word, phrase or quote that most inspires you
  11. Let people hear your voice or see you on-screen
  12. Common asked and answered questions (of your business)
  13. The history of your industry, niche or business
  14. Nobody know that I ____________ …
  15. Create a roundup of favourite blog posts, bloggers, podcasts, vloggers …
  16. Create an insightful yet creatively eye-catching infographic
  17. Create an in-depth guide to ___________ …
  18. Disprove a theory or myth in your niche
  19. Publish a full biography about yourself
  20. Create a custom 404 page and encourage your audience to find it


So, there you go … another 50 blog post ideas — through all 3 series posts you should now have 150 ideas to play with – so you can blow the ink right off your editorial calendar! And just in case all these lists didn’t feel like enough (haha, yah right?!?!) here’s a really fun infographic created by DigitalMarketer.com that has some more and helped me get “unstuck” …

Blog Post Ideas Breakdown_infographic

Keep in mind that all these ideas don’t just have to be used for blogging they are great content creation as well! ?


If you found the ideas in today’s post helpful, or the ones in the other two portions of this series, I would love to know! Also, if you have any ideas you’d like to share and/or add to the list I’d be happy to hear them and know that everyone else reading would too.


“Sharing knowledge and ideas means we all grow together.”


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