Yes, Colours Matter. But What Do They Mean?

From a business standpoint, colour can influence a person’s mood as well as their general attitude towards your brand. In this sense, your colour palette should always be something to consider as anything that influences how people responses can be pivotal to your success (or even lack thereof).

Now back late last Summer we dug deep into Does Colour Really Matter. So, today I’d like to keep that in mind with taking things a step further into why colour choices matter.

Did you know that colour increases brand recognition by 80%?

All colours of the world fit into three small categories: cool, warm and neutral. While you can select all of your colours from within the same group, it is often possible to achieve a powerful effect by introducing a colour from one of the other groups. Interested to know more about what I am talking about …?

Let’s take a deeper look at how colours work together, what each colour means and how you can use thins information to build and strengthen your brand image …

COOL Colours:
This range of colours tend to have a calming effect on the viewer. When used alone these colours can have a “cold” or even impersonal feel. So, when choosing from this colour range, it would be wise to add a colour from another group to avoid this type of feeling and add some warmth to your palette.

WARM Colours:
This range of colours tend to have an exciting effect on the viewer. When used alone they can overstimulate and sometimes even generate emotions around anger and violence. So, when choosing from this colour range, it would be wise to add a colour from another group to avoid this type of negativity and add some balance to your palette.

NEUTRAL Colours:
This range is great because they can be mixed with both cool and warm colour palettes. They are great for design background and tone down boldness in other colour options. Black is added to created a darker shade while white is added to create a lighter tint. Neutral = Balance = Happy.

Now that your mind has been filled with colourful insight and ideas. Here’s a simple infographic curtesy of Visual Modo to put things into perspective graphically by colour …

While there is no absolute right or wrong way to choose colours for your brand, you do need to understand your target audience and consider how they will respond to your colour choices. If your end goal is for them to choose YOUR business or product, then your colour palette must appeal to them in every possible way. There are overall factors that indicate what your audience may or may not like, such as: age, gender, trends and class.
Choosing colours is more than just picking what “feels good” to you, it is all about creating a response from the viewer and by knowing your target audience and the effect that different colours can have, you gain a greater ability to determine what colour options will work best.

So, is the choice of colours for your bran more than just a personal preference?

Does it truly matter what colour choices you make for your logo and brand?

Will your audience really feel differently because of the colours you have chosen?

The answer to all of those questions is YES! Colours do matter!

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