How Do You Gauge Success?

The burning questions on everyone’s mind … How do I know if my business is successful? Am I doing everything I can to grow? If not, what else should I be doing?

When most people think of what it means to be successful, they think of their paycheck as we live in a culture that tells us this is “the sign” we’re doing well in life.
But our success story is so much more than that! It’s about …


Focusing on Value:

Your value has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with the number of zeros in your bank account. If you be reflective upon what you have achieved along the path your on – how you create solutions, how you walk through processes, how you collaborate and communicate with others. Remembering those things will help you FEEL successful even on those exceptionally hard days!


Creating Balance:

Many entrepreneurs don’t believe in work/life balance. In fact, most of them think its complete bulls—t! But I beg to differ. When you’re in that glorious moment of finally building your dream business (or for those of you not quite there yet, the “perfect career”), this enables you to feel satisfied from the inside out. It’s striking while the iron is hot to find that perfect balance between your business life and your life outside all that noise. That’s anything but bulls—it! And with these 5 simple steps, you’ll be on your way …

  1. Prioritize your business tasks separate from your life tasks;
  2. Take breaks during your work day (re: don’t eat lunch at your desk, LOL);
  3. Take time to relax, get away and recharge (even if to just binge watch Netflix);
  4. Organize and structure your time in the office. Define your priorities; and
  5. Leverage the technologies at your fingertips to work smarter.


Measuring Progress:

This is as simple as it sounds. Being recognized for the work you do for your clients/customers, your audience and your business (for yourself) speaks volumes all on its own.

Thus, by knowing that all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve put into the work that you are doing has true meaning, thanks to the winning approvals from your peers. Not that you need it to feel good because we all know, especially you, how much of a fantastic job you are doing. But it helps!

Success does not lie in “results” but in “efforts”, being the best is not so important, doing the best is all that matters.

Achieving Goals:

Goal-setting and achievement tips have been written about in every which way all over the internet. You’ve all read some at one point or another. You already know the kind of goals you set is certainly a top priority AND that it’s more than just accomplishing them. So, stretch yourself to new heights:

  • Dream but also keep the motivation going. Let inspiration sore through your veins.
  • Do something new every single day to get you closer to your dream.
  • Break things down into 24-hour cycles – the mini goals count too!
  • Schedule in “slop time” (re: room to be human, room to slack once n’ awhile).
  • Tackle all tasks even if their tedious and boring (you know which ones I’m talking about).

“Do not judge from mere appearances.” ~ Edwin Chapin, Poet and Preacher


Inspiring Others:

The work that you do should not only affect you but those around you (re: your clients/customers). You can do this by practicing a few simple things: gratitude, courage, taking a stand for what you believe in (personally and professionally), being vulnerable (yes, just like Brené Brown’s research), sharing credit when credit is due and rising above when all else fails. You won’t find these items on your paycheck or in your title!

When you are an entrepreneur it’s important to be able to understand the wider industry – not just your niche.
~ Elaine Rau,

Continuous Learning:

We all need to work towards a certain direction, path, goal … You know, that place you want to get to while showing up for the “daily grind”. And to do so, we must keep learning. Great entrepreneurs are always learning. It’s what sets our qualities, abilities and business values apart from the rest of the pack! Now I’m not saying you must run yourself ragged trying to learn new things every single hour of every single day but even one small thing per day would be beneficial to not only your business but to you as a human being. So, once again, stretch yourself to new heights …

  • Schedule part of your day(s) to fill yourself with knowledge;
  • Read plenty … books, blogs, websites, etc. as continual sources of inspiration;
  • Find mentors in all niches and make connections with other entrepreneurs; and

Remember, if you are not improving, someone else always is. So, get better, not worse and continue to learn. Continue to grow!


So, how do YOU gauge success?

There are no secrets to success as it is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.
~ Colin Powell, American Statesman and Retired 4-Star General

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Crystal is an artist, a writer, an organizer, a dreamer, a doer, and down-right proud of it NERD!.

Struck with a love for #AllThings creative at a very young age, Crystal dreamed of a life fueled by her passion for creating and bringing the stories and images in her mind into reality.

As she worked toward her dreams, she earned a diploma as a Computer Applications Specialist then another in Graphic Design and from there began to develop her extensive background in multimedia and the arts. She began her worked in the magazine industry as a layout designer and had a succession of design jobs thereafter. It was her role as a graphic/web designer that gave her the first real glimpse of her future. Soon she began a side job as a freelance designer while keeping one foot in the corporate world. A spark was lit! She turned her freelance gig into a full-time business combining design work with her other passion: creating organization from virtual chaos.

Crystal is one of the most organized individuals on the planet. She is by all means a Zen master of her crafts. She excels at helping others become “untangled” and provides her clients with tools to run their businesses smoothly while she takes care of the details behind the scenes. Thus Virtually Untangled was born. A successful business where her work as a top notch creative in graphic and web — with a twist of virtual assistant — married into one amazing place where clients can come with their virtual messes and become magically untangled. Crystal can always make sense of even the most unorganized chaos and offers a virtual detox of order and peace, so her clients can get busy doing the work that they love the most.

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