Got Writer’s Block?

It’s inevitable … it happens to every write on this glorious planet. All our creative bones are feeling brittle and we sometimes feel as though it’s time to throw in the towel! Including ME! What’s funny in its own sort of way is that I have been pondering for days on what to share with you in today’s post. I have writer’s block while trying to write about writer’s block. LOL!

Writer’s block isn’t quite what you think. It is not a medical condition. It is not a disease. And it is definitely not a virus that takes control of your overall creative process and juices, rendering you useless and feeling stressed. The truth of the matter is … writer’s block doesn’t actually exist. (shocked, right?!) Not really. It is a condition (for lack of a better word) that exists entirely in your mind. Basically a brick wall that you’ve built which is actually made of air, not bricks. And when we are in full belief that this wall is standing tall and up-right (really just a lie we tell ourselves when our creativity is low or on stay-cation), it becomes real. Like really real! And when we are feeling that mind block, we then become blocked.

So, now that you know this block is a figment of your wildly creative imagination … You’re probably wondering how to get rid of it and keep on your streak. Well, while struggling with my own writer’s block, I came across some really great “getting unstuck” tips n’ tricks to rid of that cursed writer’s block. So, let’s kill that nightmare of the blinking cursor, together …


TIP #1:

Step away from whatever it is you’re working on and go do something creative. The key here is to keep exercising the creative part of your brain and eventually you’ll be able to tap back into the flow of writing.


TIP #2:

Eliminate all distractions. Yes, ALL distractions! Turn off your phone and your constantly beeping email. Even unplug yourself from the internet if you have to. Marie Kondo up your work space (A cluttered space can put your mind in a state of confusion). And, truly carve out some time in your day just for writing. Giving yourself some time and space to be in solitude is important to staying focused.

Personally, I try to do this at least twice, if not three times, per week as kind of a writing stay-cation. I feel I’m more productive if I hollow out some dedicated creative writing time.


TIP #3:

Try using a different writing tool. It may seem silly at first but sometimes it’s the small changes the make all the difference and make writing interesting again. For instance, I always ALWAYS write on my computer. I figured I paid huge bucks for it and created myself a nice work space that I “”should” be working  in that space and on that device as often as humanly possible. However, with my computer at the “computer hospital” it gave me a whole new love for my Samsung tablet … different device, different environment and feeling like my creative flow is just that … flowing like crazy!

However, if you don’t have the option of a secondary device you could always try switching platforms. For example, if you usually write in Microsoft Word, try writing in GoogleDocs, or perhaps directly in your WordPress page post. Or if you like things the way they are as it makes you feel comfortable, then just try changing up your font style and size.


TIP #4:

Stop always writing for your readers and write for yourself for a change. Quit it with the pre-thought out post topics. (I’m very bad for this one as organize my writing thoughts 3-months ahead of time – in case of those extra busy weeks). Sometimes this can suck the joy of writing right out of yah. And because in reality, sometimes you just have to write about what you want to write about. Even if it doesn’t fit in with your regular blog style. Just get it off your chest, why don’t yah?! 😉


TIP #5:

Take a moment to re-read your best work because your talent didn’t go anywhere. It’s still inside you. You just need a little reminder (and perhaps a kick in the butt)!

So, if you’ve ever feel like your writer’s block wall is slowly creeping up on you, remember to pause and take a deep breath as this is more than likely what is actually going on:

  • Fear (oh so many things, too many to list here);
  • Perfectionism (not being good enough);
  • Lack of structure (not knowing where/how to start);
  • High standards (basically just fear of failure);
  • Too Many Hats Syndrome (fear of a lack of time);
  • Imposter Syndrome (fear of rejection); or
  • Laziness (or is this just fear in procrastination mode?).


“Inspiration exists but it has to find you working.” – Pablo Picasso


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