7 Things To Do To Get Unstuck …

Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.
~ Mandy Hale, Author

We all get stuck sometimes. In life and in business. It’s all apart of how life works. We are constantly hurdling roadblocks, time blocks, energy blocks, money blocks, creativity slumps, challenges to solve, technology glitches and clients to take care of, all the while, we just want to feed ourselves healthy food, do laundry and catch up on a little Netflix.

But as an entrepreneur these blocks of feeling stuck can be exceptionally dangerous. Especially if you’re a solo-preneur. We’re responsible for our own greatness; work, flow and process which for some of us includes wearing too many hats. Which is why being resourceful when it comes to being laser focused with our time, creating a productivity routine and if working virtually, knowing all the really great secrets to making that work for our lifestyle, can make all the difference. So, let me share with you 7 mini tips that will have a huge impact on those days you really need to get UNSTUCK …!


TIP #1: Surrender to the Demon.

When you’re feeling down in the dumps of stuck-ness it can be super frustrating. So, rather than continuing to press forward, it would be far more powerful to stand back and look at your process. Perhaps your whole problem is one of processing. Stuck-ness creates a world of its own and tends to bring along its downward energy friends; stress, anger, discouragement and impatience. So, before all those bad energy friends pile into your pity-party van, maybe it’s time to consider a full surrender to the stuck demon?

Fully surrendering doesn’t mean you’ll bring on neglect, it just means you will stay with it, see it through but with an entirely fresh new set of eyes and a change in mindset. A change in perspective …


TIP #2: It’s All About Perspective.

As entrepreneurs, we think in patterns and are always on the hunt for the cause and effect of said patterns. So, think of creativity as the key to unlocking that stuck door. The key to removing all those blocks we talked about earlier. The worst thing we can do when we are feeling stuck is nothing. Doing nothing gets us nowhere except perhaps deeper in the sludge of how we’re feeling. So, why not change your perspective on things?

Take a bit of downtime to change your perspective. Try taking a catnap, meditating, go for a walk, doodle your thoughts on a sticky note, write in your mindfulness journal, sit in the sunshine and stare off at nothing … Just make yourself relaxed. Because when you are you become more productive. It’s okay to take time to pause, reflect and refocus once and awhile. That’s what helps us clear our minds and sometimes when we do, we come up with something grander than our original plan. (Or in my case, a solution to a tech problem, design glitch or platform issue that has me almost pulling my hair out.)

Negativity always wins the short game, but positivity wins the long game. ~ Gary Vaynerchuk, Entrepreneur

TIP #3: Release Your Fears.

We all get things wrong sometimes and we just need to accept that. It’s a part of the roller coaster in which we call life. That’s how we learn and grow … from making mistakes. But being stuck due to our fears will only pull you down further and keep you feeling stuck longer. Instead of thinking “That will never work” or “I’m not smart enough to figure this out” or “They will never buy my service” … Have you ever thought of the flipside? Have you actually tried? Or are you just too afraid of looking foolish?

It’s time to be aware of your fears and conquer them. It’s the path to success. You must stop being afraid of failure, of taking risks, of being/feeling mediocre, of acceptance from your peers and/or audience, or maybe even you level of creativity. These are all valid fears and ones we all experience, entrepreneur or not, but the journey to excellence is marked by your ability to always be striving forward – towards growth. So, try to think of things as “how can I (or my business) be the very best I can be?” instead of losing yourself in the swarm of buzzing noise.


TIP #4: Comparison is the Root of All Evil.

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment … I’m sure 99% of us compare ourselves and/or our businesses to one of another’s. But if comparison becomes a regular habit, this is where jealousy, pride, depression and arrogance begin to sprout roots. Root of all evil.

It’s okay to do this once in awhile. We’re only human so we try to see how we compare to the people around us or in our niche. We are all unique with unique circumstances so no matter where you are in life or what stage of your business you are in someone will always have more AND less than you. So, instead of fighting the battle try practicing gratitude instead. Focus on moving forward on your own journey and taking every opportunity to learn from one another. Be grateful for your fellow entrepreneur’s successes and let them help you to identify the skillsets or business puzzle pieces that you are missing, instead of feeling bad that they achieved something you have yet to achieve.

Start being proud of yourself, your business and your accomplishments. There is no need for comparison.



TIP #5: Stay Humble.

Even though some days are amazingly wonderful, and everything goes your way, don’t ever feel like you know it all. Keep learning and applying your skills (old and new) and stay humble. You may feel stuck right now, but you’ll always get out. And then you will get stuck again. It’s inevitable. Rinse n’ repeat. But being humble leaves room for improvement. And improving means you’ll eventually become unstuck.


TIP #6: Keep Your Goals Fresh and in Motion.

This is a very important tip as it moves us towards growth. You must keep setting yourself new goals all the while achieving the ones you currently have set out for yourself and your business. Creating this kind of plan for yourself is only going to happen because YOU are going to MAKE IT HAPPEN. So. here’s what you need to do first … 

  1. Be clear about your goals and what you’d like to achieve.
  2. Take a stand for what you believe in. Invest in yourself.
  3. Create a plan. Set real, measurable and attainable goals.
  4. Decide how you’re going to set clear (and organized) actions.
  5. Think positive and condition yourself for success.
  6. Give yourself permission to make extraordinary things happen


TIP #7: Ask Yourself What Would Arlene Dickinson Do?

For those of you living in the US of A, this is a Canadian reference in opposite to the TV series Shark Tank.

Dragon’s Den is one of my most favourite shows that keeps my entrepreneurial motivation going. And one of the cast members, Arlene Dickinson, is one of Canada’s most renowned entrepreneurs and venture capitalists who also so happens to be a two-time bestselling author, and her leadership has been recognized with many honours, including Canada’s Most Powerful Women’s Top 100 Award, the Pinnacle Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence, and PROFIT and Chatelaine’s magazines “Top 100 Women Business Owners” award. She is also a Marketing Hall of Legends inductee and the proud recipient of The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

She is basically Canadian Oprah! LOL!

Arlene is dynamic and energetic, the kind of person who brings a gust of air into a room and attracts notice without trying. There’s her style — that trademark streak in her hair alongside her funky wardrobe — and her warmth: she is a hugger, a laugher, the person at the party who falls into a deep conversation on the sidelines with the caterer, whom she genuinely finds fascinating. And she has the most compelling brand of charisma, the kind that arises from contradiction: in her case, the clash between her toughness and her vulnerability, her success and her self-doubt, her present and her past. She knows what she wants and goes and gets it. She never lets a golden opportunity pass her by and she’s always being creative in her role as a marketer and venture capitalist. Using her skillsets, she has made up way up the financial ranking — by fighting her way from poverty — to an estimated net worth of $80 million.

So, when feeling stuck just ask yourself this … What would Arlene Dickinson do?

Have you ever found yourself in stucks-ville? What did you do to get outta that town? Or maybe you’re there right now … population, one.

Please share your experiences, stories, suggestions, tips and tricks within the comments below so that you can be the expert (or get help finding one) who helps someone out of their stuck-ness!

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Struck with a love for #AllThings creative at a very young age, Crystal dreamed of a life fueled by her passion for creating and bringing the stories and images in her mind into reality.

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Crystal is one of the most organized individuals on the planet. She is by all means a Zen master of her crafts. She excels at helping others become “untangled” and provides her clients with tools to run their businesses smoothly while she takes care of the details behind the scenes. Thus Virtually Untangled was born. A successful business where her work as a top notch creative in graphic and web — with a twist of virtual assistant — married into one amazing place where clients can come with their virtual messes and become magically untangled. Crystal can always make sense of even the most unorganized chaos and offers a virtual detox of order and peace, so her clients can get busy doing the work that they love the most.

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