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48_Why Your Web Copy is Important

The copy you place on your website attracts search engines that drive the traffic to your website. So, good … well actually, GREAT web copy is equally important as your actual site’s appearance. I most cases, your website is the first impression of visitors looking into your business. If you have crappy web copy, it may be their last impression.

A huge mistake that business owners overlook is spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. These are more common than you may think, even for the largest, most well-known companies. To improve your website’s image, keep things clean grammar-wise. Think about it … how can anyone expect a quality service or product from a website with content that’s a mess?

Having your web copy written by a professional is a very smart long-term investment for your businesses website, both in terms of visitor retention and SEO. But, if you feel up for the challenge and love writing, here is a great infographic courtesy of Visualistan (and GrammarCheck) …

Web Copy_infographic


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