Samantha Hartley’s Story … #BossBabe Love Month Series

I’m back to share with you another amazing story from yet another amazing #BossBabe.

Just to re-cap why I’m doing this (in case this is the first story of this series that’s you’re reading) …

During my entrepreneurial adventures, I have been connecting with empowering women from all over the world and one day realized there was a need for more storytelling. Stories just like theirs needed to be spread socially through my blog for many reasons … First, to show support to all the hardworking women hustling out there to building their dream empires! I wanted to connect with these women to have them dig deep … tell the raw truth behind how they built their empires, their personal successes, their struggles and how they got to where they are today. And secondly, I am hoping that these #BossBabe stories will empower and inspire other women to follow their passion and make their dreams a reality by kicking discrimination to the curb.

Now, here today, I’m over the moon excited to share the sixth (of the eight) #BossBabe stories in this series.

Here is Samantha’s story …


I remember sitting one day in a too-early morning seminar watching motivational videos selected by our young CEO. The speaker in one video was talking about goal setting and visioning for the future. These words stuck with me forever …

“Someone’s going to get their dream. Why not you?”

Why NOT me?! 


It was the first time I had ever written down that I wanted to own my own business. Eight years later, sitting unhappily in my corporate cubicle, owning my own business was the furthest thing from my mind. The job that had given me so many opportunities and accomplishments while in the field offices had led to my being promoted to the Ivory Towers of corporate. Unfortunately, I found that no work and all politics (the policy there) did not play to my strengths.

Despite the golden handcuffs, I left this “dream job” and took a year off to detox. NO ONE supported this decision. When you choose to follow an intuitive voice or a call from the Universe, don’t expect those who love and care about your safety and security to recognize the authority of that voice. 

Although I was unsure exactly what I wanted to do, I spent that year regaining my health, getting back into balance and finding the love of my life. One day I got a call from a former colleague who asked me if I wanted to come and consult in his new company. And that’s how I got my start as a consultant.

The advice I always share is “never burn your bridges.” Several of my first clients were former colleagues and that network made for an easy landing for me. Being able to leverage your network for both giving and receiving is key to being successful in self-employment.

Networking didn’t come naturally to me, but it was a skill that I built over time. All my growth in the early years depended on networking. I realized that I had to be visible to get clients (because most people don’t have psychic powers). 

Nowadays, thanks to social media, it’s much easier to be visible. But, it’s extremely important to know that the attention span of someone seeing you online is less than in a face-to-face meeting. It’s important to put yourself in front of potential clients every single day.

About the time I really got traction with my revenues, I had a string of dreadful clients who really took the wind out of my sails. This of course, made me incredibly passionate about finding and working exclusively with perfect clients. I’m grateful to those difficult people for making me wait around before meetings, bringing up inappropriate topics and never, ever implementing. They showed me what I cannot tolerate, and how to recognize them, so I don’t work with anyone like that ever again. 

A lot of business owners are afraid to turn down work with difficult clients because they fear they don’t have enough business as it is. I can assure you that terrible clients will punish you more than they’re worth. And somehow, my resolve to turn them away has always attracted a perfect client right after they go.

There are so many business models and ways of doing business that it can be hard to choose. I didn’t have a clear idea of what I was building when I first started. I basically followed my intuition and passion. 

In the early years that meant classic consulting engagements in which I went in and worked several months with a small business. Later I started to work with clients online – either in the same consulting engagements, but remote, or in small groups. For a while there, everyone was creating passive revenue streams with low priced self-study programs. That seems pretty appealing, so I made a course like that which did okay.

Looking back, the best benefit of having done that was taking a lot of my intellectual property out of my brain and turning it into a curriculum. I realized that was a strength of mine, and that it’s not something everyone knows how to do.

The detriment was that it pulled my focus towards those who could least afford to work with me – NOT perfect clients. 

I’ve come to realize that we all do our best when we serve at our highest level, when we serve those who we are uniquely suited to serve. Yes, perfect clients, but in my case, I thrive when I work with clients I call “next-level” – the ones who show up and don’t seem (at first) like they need anything at all! 

When my client Sharon came into my life, she was famous in her niche and earning 4 times what any of my other clients do. I started asking questions and discovered she didn’t need any Business 101. She needed someone to help her break through into her potential by showing her opportunities that others couldn’t see and helping her get there. 

I now know that many of the women consultants I work with once had coaches who advised them — in good faith — but simply could not hold a big enough vision. They couldn’t see the potential of my clients to charge $250,000 per engagement, to speak on world stages, to create a massive business with a 30-hour work week.

I don’t think I’ve ever been happier in my business.

My mission and my passions are aligned: to lift up women business owners and help them to create profitable, joyful businesses.


To keep up with Samantha’s ever-growing #BossBabe adventure, here are her online handles … 



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