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With over 35 years of vast experience in all aspects of business; in myriad industries; and with corporate, government and entrepreneur sector experience, I am invaluable to business leaders who want to work less, make more and live free.

I have experience making and managing large amounts of money and the accompanying power and am quite comfortable working and playing in the realms of millions and billions. I myself have been happily making a six-figure income since the 1980s when six figures were more like seven figures.

With my master’s degree of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance and Computer Information Systems, combined with my extensive breadth and depth of experience in all aspects of business and in a variety of industries, has afforded the nickname “The Golden Goose”.  And after leading a team of 33+ people and making millions of dollars for a corporation as a corporate executive and sales/ marketing professional, I then decided to become a serial entrepreneur to create wealth and have an impact finally on my own terms while being able to help others thrive.


For a bit of background, here’s a few examples of my building assets:
  • I was responsible for negotiating contracts and managing the budgets and schedules of a $3 billion-dollar Military Satellite Communications program (the second-largest Military program ever).
  • I was President and real estate broker of record $1,500,000 joint venture partnership known as CBS Real Estate Market with CBS Television.
  • I have created and owned five companies. Within a 4-year period had an unheard of 1,000 customers and was making $1,000,000 in my own importing and sales business.
  • I now own a health and wellness business in 5 U.S. locations that uses state-of-the-art healing methods to help thousands of people heal from chronic pain and trauma and give them back their active, happy lives.
  • I also have a perfect record of winning 50 out of 50 grants and proposals worth millions of dollars and have become a million-dollar top-producer in my very own second year of real estate brokering.


Consequence to Me.  Become a relatable human being. Back story … got sick and tired, still worked long hours. Cost of working so hard, long, much … Price to pay for success. My experience … over worked, under healthed and under wealthed. It’s not just surface level, we must dive deep to roots.

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To dig a bit deeper, here is my story …!

The first time I walked away from a six-figure high-powered job I did not know what I would do next. All I knew is that I was miserable, exhausted and that there had to be a better way to make money, live her purpose, and enjoy my life and my loved ones. The second time I crawled away from a six-figure business, I was incapacitated and had a lot of time on my hands to bond with myself and the meaning of life.

Splat*#@! “You can’t work like this anymore”, was the last thing I told heard before I hit the burnout wall at 100 miles per hour. The first time I saw the wall approaching, and obliviously kept going full speed ahead, I blindly believed that the wall would move for me. Like it always did. But this time it didn’t …


Wake-up call #1

… happened while I was a super star-performer and “Golden Goose” for a corporation, and falsely believed that hard work and self-sacrifice was the only way to have wealth. I had somehow morphed myself so much to fit into the corporate machine and reach outrageous profit goals, that I didn’t even know who I was anymore. I was missing the most important parts of who I was – my purpose, self-care and intimate connections with others. I was completely miserable and exhausted from slaving away in a soulless existence job for a corporation whose values were at odds with my own. This corporation only valued money.


Knowing there had to be a better way to make money, live my passion and purpose, and enjoy life, I often wondered what it would take to stop the madness and reset my reality.


By most peoples’ standards I had it all – money, power, responsibility and respect. Yet something was gravely wrong and sorely missing. Even though I was working myself to death at a soul-sucking corporation, I was completely unfulfilled with my work and my life. Yes, I was making six figures in the 1980s when six figures were more like seven figures. But at my soul level, I knew I needed to shift from over worked and under healthed back to a natural equilibrium of health, joy and fulfillment.

So, beginning at the tender age of 31 years old, I was miserable, stressed out, not sleeping well, overworking 60 to 75 hours per week, had a failing marriage, had zero social life and a rapidly deteriorating health. For over four years I didn’t even allow myself to take a vacation because I believed I was invincible and invaluable to the company. I lost myself and was disconnected from loved ones and the things I loved, with no clue of how to get it all back. The wear and tear on my mind, body, soul, relationships and health was too much to bare …!


I remember looking at my bank account and watching the numbers go higher and higher then realized I didn’t have the time, energy nor the motivation to enjoy the money I worked so hard for. And certainly not to take care of myself with it.


What good is money if you can’t enjoy it and have sold your soul to get it?

Yes, I had my cake. But could not eat it!

I realized that I was erroneously equating money with security and was using fear to imprison myself in an unfulfilled, soulless existence. The light bulb was so clear that no matter how much money I made, it would never be enough to satisfy that huge fear of never having enough, fear of failure and success, and the ever-gnawing feeling of not being good enough. Even though I did not know the way out, I had hope.


Then one glorious day, the epiphany happened upon waking – the exit strategy was crystal clear. To support and reconnect with myself (reset back to factory settings, heal and find myself), my gut advised me to quit my job; get a divorce; move to a slow-paced, relaxing place, surrounded by people I love and who love me; and to stop working until further notice. So, I spent one year not working. Completely unplugged from the system in order to rebalance myself by relaxing, exercising, learning basic self-care techniques and reflecting on what’s truly important. As a result, I found and reconnected with myself and my loved ones. Yippee!

I finally got myself, my sanity, my support system and my peace of mind back! But unaware that I had only temporarily regained my sanity and peace, and not changed the deep-rooted source of my dysfunctional patterns, beliefs, limiting decisions and unregulated reactionary emotions. I was sadly destined to repeat the same awful situation/experience because I did not shift the source at the core.


When you do the same thing the same way and expect different results – that’s ignorance.
This core-changing work would come later, after my second wake-up call. I then started my
business consulting and importing companies.


Wake-up call #2

… was the second time I hit the wall but this time the wall was a car accident that left me physically and emotionally debilitated from the trauma, concussion and brain and spinal cord injuries. During those next three years of excruciating pain, heavily restricted movement and severely impaired cognitive brain function, I tried the traditional western-medicine model of pain relievers that left me in a constantly altered state of delirium where I couldn’t think clearly or even follow a TV show. Doctors said that I would never regain my brain function, would never be able to exercise and would live a life of chronic pain. But not buying into the doctors’ gloomy opinions, I believed I would recover, thrive and helps others recover when doctors leave them feeling hopeless.

So, I began researching alternative and holistic healing for my rehabilitation. And unfortunately, while incapacitated, my hell also included going through a divorce, 2 of my very successful businesses were dwindling, and my beloved sister who was my infallible support system, passed away. On top of the unrelenting pain, the grief of losing my body, my independence, my brain, my sister and myself … Things were almost unbearable.

For 3 whole years, I was unable to work and had to crawl around the house because it was less painful than walking. I could not sit at all and barely slept as my head was pounding 24/7.  But I kept at it … tirelessly searching for solutions to heal. Then ended up having to file bankruptcy for my $250,000 in medical bills and loss of thriving businesses. I depleted all my savings and even withdrew over $100,000 from my retirement account to pay for continued rehabilitation and living expenses.


Then came the turning point where I came to realize I couldn’t do X anymore. Evidence … new way of doing things. Struggle … adjust to learn to do new way. Spiritual/mindset conversion … I took on, adopt new ways of doing things, existed world of hard work + brain powered. Powered by brain power, horse power, energy … smartest, work hardest make it happen.  Tried popular techniques then realize no touch of deep roots was where the change must happen to have permanent shift.


Realizing that I could not, would not, and more importantly, did not want to, go back to struggling working the brute-force (or elbow grease) ways I used to work – long hours, hard work, pushing, forcing, self-sacrificing and resisting – I lovingly reset my mind, body and spirit back to natural, healthy factory settings. The change work had to occur at the source – the deepest levels of the mind, body, and spirit – in order to meaningfully change the outside experience from the inside.


“My aha moment was when I finally realized that a proprietary combination of all the tools and techniques, I have spent a lifetime learning and applying to myself could help women to become happier, healthier and wealthier.  By women becoming more successful and confident, all of humanity benefits. Women are most people who give back and participate in charities. They are also increasingly more breadwinners and supporting their families.  It is my purpose to help women rise and thrive and change the planet.”  – Olympia Hostler

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Like so many others, I tried popular prosperity techniques that were ineffective, and some were useless. It was like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Bigger firepower was needed to change at the source once and for all. (Alternate metaphor: It was like trimming a weed’s leaves and expecting it to not be a weed anymore) It wasn’t until I figured out how to go deeper to the roots to affect change at the source and stop the yo yo (boomerang) of symptoms and struggle finding myself in one unwanted déjà vu after another wondering how I even got there again.

In my quest, I went beyond just receiving treatments and sessions from many techniques. I also mastered how to do them and how to apply them to myself to further accelerate my reset. In the process, I created a streamlined, effective, laser-focused recipe of techniques that really work and lasted. These are the core of MMM program.

With my background in NLP and somatic methods, I then saw the big picture and created a proprietary recipe that is an integrated approach that forever shifted at my foundational core. The recipe is grounded in state-of-the-art techniques in brain science, somatics, human behavior, neuro-psychology, neuro-biology, neuroplasticity, biology of belief, meta-physics, energy, mind/body/spirit interactions, hypnosis, basic life needs, nervous system regulation, emotional balance, and a bit of magic. My Mind Over Money Makeover picks up where law of attraction stops. LOA is not enough. Action alone is too much forcing. A fine balance between doing, being, believing and having is required.


Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Yoga, meditation, Somatic, Circadian Rhythms, Balance between effort and grace, being still and receiving, listening to your gut for guidance that is always right and in your best interest, serving your highest good. Your internal GPs, protector and my friend.


Popular prosperity techniques don’t go deep enough to reach the source, nor broad enough to shift at the source and to clean up the mess that has rooted in the mind, body, emotions and spirit. To unclog a toilet, opening the lid is not enough.  Those techniques are merely wishful thinking, placing false hope in an outside source, distractions, and fluff merely flinting around on the symptoms. There is a balance between effort and action that is essential to get where you want to go.

I invested in healing my false beliefs, limiting decisions, unregulated emotions, physical and emotional trauma, and finally finding and reconnecting with myself and my loved ones. Found a way to get back to my true self.

I experimented and applied popular money and prosperity techniques and found that they do not work at the core level, where the source of the problem exists. Therefore, they could never bring the change and the new way of thinking, being, and doing that is so vital for peace, harmony, flow, receiving and giving, abundance and prosperity without trying to force it. Without changes at the core, you are just pissing in the wind pretending you are not going to get wet and smelly.

Shifting from struggling and pushing to alignment and allowing the key to prosperity.

So, I created a health and healing (or wellness) centered business to serve others to end their suffering. I also restarted my Business consulting company – this time incorporating the priceless healing recipe that allows people to pursue their dreams while still being true to themselves, living their lives on their terms, with balance, safety, security, community, loved ones, self-compassion, fulfillment, courage, giving back, freedom and play.


What good is freedom without security? And, what good is money when you are so compromised
and exhausted that you cannot enjoy it?

Core beliefs and decisions were shifted from working against myself, keeping me stuck and spinning my wheels while running on the endless hamster wheel to working with a powerful ally, together in harmony. I discovered that the space between the musical notes is just as important and necessary as the notes themselves.

What would music sound like with no space between the notes? Now, life and work are easy, joyous and fun.


Like a Phoenix I twice arose from the ashes and created …

Hit burnout, tried prosperity techniques and realized these did not work for me because they just scratched at the surface of deep-seeded issues, and never addressed and shift the true cause. They also keep you away from addressing all aspects of the underlying issues. I had developed a comprehensive, complete system that shifts at the root cause, and is so thorough that it encompasses eradicating all ramifications to the body, mind and spirit


Like others you had heard about abundance thinking LOA, but initial experiments did not produce beyond reason wealth. But my system picks up where LOA leaves off and goes well beyond to be thorough. My great passion is to show other highly intelligent, ambitious and hard-working women how to get off treadmill of work, work, work; and get back to factory settings of natural prosperity which is easy and graceful.


“How You Do Money, is How You Do Life! ™” – Olympia Hostler

With Rikka Zimmerman With My Dad With Marci Shimoff In Hawaii with my Boyfriend
Want to get better acquainted with me? Here are some silly facts …
  • Grew up in Okinawa, Japan;
  • Absolutely love dolphins;
  • Power animals: dolphin, horse and tiger;
  • International award-winning artist;
  • Certified yoga and Pilates instructor;
  • Travelling is a passion — have been to Hawaii 39 times;
  • Bucket list tops 3 … experience Thailand, help my father heal and own an island;
  • Reads That Inspire me … The Artist’s Way, Waking the Tiger, and the Four Agreements;
  • Lived all over the globe … Italy, New York City, Japan, California, California and New Jersey;
  • What feeds my soul … time with loved ones, giving back and travelling;
  • My heroes … Oprah, Wayne Dyer and my father;
  • My mission … create a world where seven-figure women are common; and
  • Fueled by travel, dolphins, unicorn and magic!


I love my work of helping ambitious women who want to work less, make more, and live free. My Women Choose Wealth: The Ultimate Money Reset™ program is designed to help high-achieving, 6-figure women realize their wealth potential by “resetting” their intellectual, emotional, and physical experience of money to their most naturally profitable mindset.


Want to know how you do money?

Check out my Women’s Wealth Health Checkup Quiz can help you discover your wealth health.



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