Logo Design Process … The Breakdown!

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When most people hear the words “the breakdown” within a blog title they think it’s going to be a very long, detailed piece of writing that basically goes through absolutely everything they need to know about whatever the topic is. And normally, that’s the case on my end of things too. But since we’ve talked about logo re-branding and logo design itself so many times over the duration of my blog already you’ll be happy to know that today’s post is a quick and easy read.

So, let’s not waste any more time talking about post length and just dive right on into the details …


When creating a logo, the typical process that most professional designers follow is simple really:

  1. Ask questions then write a creative brief;
  2. Do industry research and referencing;
  3. Conceptualization (re: the creative process); and
  4. Reflect upon all design elements before client presentation.


Then after the logo has been presented to said client, it’s nail-biting time while awaiting feedback. Will they like it? Which one will they choose? Are we tweaking or starting from scratch for phase two?


Ahhh …. The silence tears us designers apart. The pain our inner creative being goes through. LOL!

However, I’m being a wee bit over-dramatic. The wait time is anxiety-filled, that’s no joke, but not always this much. Depending on the confidence we felt during the build (sometimes what the client wants is not what we feel should be reflected) and after the send.

Then comes the good stuff … communication, revisions, presentation (additional rounds depending on what the contract states) and once that has enough combined elements to make a huge splash in the world, it’s time for delivery of the final files and support with branding.


Yes, the process is that simple! And graphically, it’s kind of a curvy flowing path just like the image below.


The creative process on the other hand … is a lot more complicated.

But that’s a whole other story for another post on another day! 🙂

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