Dr. Erin J. Stagner’s Story … #BossBabe Love Month Series

I’m back to share with you another amazing story from yet another amazing #BossBabe.

Just to re-cap why I’m doing this (in case this is the first story of this series that’s you’re reading) …

During my entrepreneurial adventures, I have been connecting with empowering women from all over the world and one day realized there was a need for more storytelling. Stories just like theirs needed to be spread socially through my blog for many reasons … First, to show support to all the hardworking women hustling out there to building their dream empires! I wanted to connect with these women to have them dig deep … tell the raw truth behind how they built their empires, their personal successes, their struggles and how they got to where they are today. And secondly, I am hoping that these #BossBabe stories will empower and inspire other women to follow their passion and make their dreams a reality by kicking discrimination to the curb.Now, here today, I’m over the moon excited to share the second (of the eight) #BossBabe stories in this series.

Here is Erin’s story …


I AM A #BossBabe!

No, I didn’t just wake up one day and decide that’s who I am. I didn’t graduate from some ordinary training course that gave me a badge (even though that would be cool). It wasn’t a title someone just gave me …

So, how did I get to be a #BossBabe? I EARNED IT!

I finished chiropractic school in 2006 with a new baby and a new husband, and my life set-up for me. My mom and my uncle were chiropractors in my hometown and I happily walked into the family business ready to go to work. Except I didn’t – there were a LOT of things that happened that I wasn’t expecting …!

First, working with family is not always easy. Secondly, getting married in a hurry is not always a good idea. 

What was the solution? To move away and never look back?

Yup, that’s exactly what I did. I worked for a telemarketing company and tried to make ends meet. Except that didn’t work out. So, I moved back home and back to work in the chiropractic office, but not as a doctor this time. I taught school – this time at night – and ended up watched my marriage fall apart. We moved again, and again (a stressful 7 moves in a short 6 years) to a small town where I ended up teaching science in a private school and did my best to see a few patients in the afternoons. When sadly, everything fell apart. Or maybe I just had enough, I’m not sure which (perhaps both). So, once again … I moved back home. And once again, I went back to work teaching at night and working in the chiropractic office during the day. My mom was gracious enough to move in with me as I was almost ready to deliver baby number three.

But gratefully, 2013 was a turning point in my life — and in my business. We moved the practice across town, and I began to actively see patients. But then my oldest daughter was diagnosed developmentally delayed and we changed schools to better suit her daily needs. My divorce was officially finalized, and I was able to finally focus on what was best for myself, my family and my life.

I was very excited when I made $54K that year — seeing my own patients on my own terms in my own office. It was scary, liberating and nerve-wracking all at the same time. LOL! But, I can happily say that I haven’t looked back since!

I served as the team physician for an NCAA Division basketball and volleyball team for 8 years then I went back to school (twice!) for my master’s degree where I completed multiple certifications with different companies to better myself for my patients.

Then moving forward to 2018, I made $116K not counting any of the money I made from my side hustles!

2019 is looking to be even bigger and even better as I am in the midst of creating a certification program of my own for those who work with special needs children. I am teaching and presenting on 6 stages as well as having the opportunity of being interviewed for podcasts every single week. Including this opportunity to share my #BossBabe story with Crystal, CEO of Virtually Untangled

So, how did it happen?

By going through a lot of stuff (crappy stuff) and learning a lot of things the hard way! But by never losing focus on who I truly am, where I am going and what it takes to get there!

Wanna be a #BossBabe just like me?

Then gather up your big girl panties, step into your sexy knee-high boots, put on your make-up and get to work!


To keep up with Erin’s ever-growing #BossBabe adventure, here are her online handles … 



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Thank you!

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