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Whether in your day job (hopefully you’ve left there by now to become an entrepreneur) or working in your own business, have you ever run into a slump of working with the “wrong” people? Clients who don’t understand your personality, value your traits and drain you emotionally can be a real downer.

I could sit here and share all of my personal client horror stories with you from over the years but then this would turn into an award-winning novel (haha) instead of a blog post. So instead, I am going to take the hard-earned lessons from those stories and give you a small list of the greatest tips you will ever need to know in order to help you find your dream client(s).


Let’s go …

First of all, you need to figure out WHO your dream client is. You need to know exactly who you are trying to attract before you even attract them. I know it is quite common (and tempting) to just want to appeal to a wide market, especially if you are just getting started. But this is not a good move. Think of the key traits you would want in someone if you were hiring them. These are the very same traits you want to have in your dream client. Now, pull those reigns back a bit, figure out who you are in your business, what you offer and the personality types you want to work with that fit nicely with yours. Write them down and keep them nearby as a handy reference for moments when you are second guessing if the “fit is good”.

Be yourself. ALWAYS and COMPLETELY. This is extremely important if you want to attract like-minded individuals who actually enjoy your personality, share your interests and passions. You should then embrace the opportunity and show your real and true self. Quirks and all. In the end they will either love you or hate you for it. Once you know how they feel and how you interact with one another on a personal level you will clearly understand whether to move forward or run in the other direction.

Collaborate with others online. By doing this you will be able to get your business name out there and people will have a face to remember your business by. It is also a great way to share your skills as well as the time and effort that you put into your business as well as who you are as an entrepreneur. Start by trying to collaborate with others who share a similar niche or have complimentary skills and who are established in the business-world. In other words, make friends with like-minded business individuals. Sounds scary … I know but this is a must! Another great way to collaborate with other online is by joining some Facebook groups. Try to search for groups that have similar interests and then interact within the group. Whatever you do, DO NOT PITCH YOUR STUFF unless asked or on a promotional theme day. People hate that. Add to the conversations in the feed and do not stomp on anyone else’s parade.

Get personal. Think old school … not digital. Think paper and pen … not email or social media. Send a current client (or even a great past one) a personal note or postcard to let them know you enjoy (or enjoyed) working with them. Ask how they are doing. Let them know what you have been working on lately. Share your story with them.

Share valuable content and resources. People love to learn and if it doesn’t cost them a penny they are more likely to reach out again when they need a paid service. Try posting tips, tricks, new programs and hot new apps to your social media page. Also, if someone asks you a question, why not cover the answer in a fun post on your site or social media platform. If you are answering your ideal client(s) questions, chances are that there are more ideal clients searching for exactly the same thing. Doing things like this makes you more visible in the business-world. Get yourself out there. Be seen and share your talents with the world!

Help them decide if you are a good choice for them by making this clear and concise on the “About” page on your website. Add some personal flare and whatever you do, do not make everything written in “business terms”. Once again, be yourself. Another added tip to helping them with their decision is to include some testimonials on your website and/or social media platforms (where allowed). People love being reassured when they work with those who have great results from others.

Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs. ~ Farrah Gray

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Crystal Kordalchuk

Crystal is an artist, a writer, an organizer, a dreamer, a doer, and down-right proud of it NERD!.

Struck with a love for #AllThings creative at a very young age, Crystal dreamed of a life fueled by her passion for creating and bringing the stories and images in her mind into reality.

As she worked toward her dreams, she earned a diploma as a Computer Applications Specialist then another in Graphic Design and from there began to develop her extensive background in multimedia and the arts. She began her worked in the magazine industry as a layout designer and had a succession of design jobs thereafter. It was her role as a graphic/web designer that gave her the first real glimpse of her future. Soon she began a side job as a freelance designer while keeping one foot in the corporate world. A spark was lit! She turned her freelance gig into a full-time business combining design work with her other passion: creating organization from virtual chaos.

Crystal is one of the most organized individuals on the planet. She is by all means a Zen master of her crafts. She excels at helping others become “untangled” and provides her clients with tools to run their businesses smoothly while she takes care of the details behind the scenes. Thus Virtually Untangled was born. A successful business where her work as a top notch creative in graphic and web — with a twist of virtual assistant — married into one amazing place where clients can come with their virtual messes and become magically untangled. Crystal can always make sense of even the most unorganized chaos and offers a virtual detox of order and peace, so her clients can get busy doing the work that they love the most.

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