Creating the “Perfect” Facebook Page for Your Business …

Over the past handful of years, I have created many Facebook business pages. For myself as well as for many of my clients. I have experimented with many marketing tips and trends and have truly enjoyed figuring out the very best ways to create and manage Facebook business pages. That got me to thinking … what a great topic to share with you all. Especially for those of you who are looking to revamp your current page or maybe don’t yet have one.

With that being said, here’s the process that has worked so far for me … from start to finish!


  • Create your page at:
  • Choose one of the following categories for your page. You can change this later on if need be.
    – Local business or place
    – Company, organization or institution
    – Brand or product
    – Artist, band or public figure
    – Entertainment
    – Cause of community


Following the category selection, next steps would be YOUR DESCRIPTORS which are as follows …

  • Creating some catchy text for the “About” section on your page which allows for 155 characters.
  • Adding in your website URL.
  • Creating your Facebook URL/username (e.g.
  • Uploading an eye-catching profile picture which in business is usually a professional looking photo or your business logo icon.
  • Creating your main profile header graphic. This can sometimes feel like a huge task and something you’d have to ask a design for help with, but with help from sites such as Canva, you’ll do just fine!
  • Uploading your main profile header graphic. Or if you’re already ahead of the game and want to get fancy, you can include a video in here instead. Just click the “Add a Cover” Button currently in the top left-hand corner of the cover image area. If you happen to upload an image that isn’t quite the exact dimensions Facebook is looking for, you will have an opportunity to move and edit the image to fit inside the available window. When you’re feeling good about your placement, you can click “Save Changes” and the image will be made public.

Quick Pro Tip:

When you upload a cover photo to your business page, the photo is also added to your timeline. If you edit the description of the photo, you can add a fun message to the update. Just click on the photo to open up the photo viewer and you will see a link that says, “Add a Description”. There is where you can add your text, tags, location and even date of your photo. Once all is said and done, the update to your timeline will be changed to reflect your edits and it now looks like a wall post as opposed to just a page update.


On the resources page (aka. “The Vault” of my website there is a social media image and video size cheat sheet (thanks to MakeAWebisteHub) to help you stay on top of your game with the ever-changing Facebook sizes. This will also come in handy if you’re exploring the idea of creating other social media profiles.

Following all your initial descriptor steps comes YOUR PROFILE INFORMATION sections …

To give your viewers all the information you want them to have about you and your business you can add information to your “Page Info: section. To access this section, click on “Settings” in the top right menu bar on your page, then click on “Page Info”. You will notice some of the details are already filled out from some of the above steps you’ve already completed.

Now it’s time to dig in and add the most helpful bit of information about your page, such as:

  • Start info (founded date – which is optional)
  • Address (which you can change to have your address/map viewable by your page likers or just for yourself).
  • Long description and mission (additional details with a longer character count to explain your business page in further detail and add additional links if you feel necessary).
  • Phone number and email address (additional contact information is always a bonus to those who may want to touch base).

All of the details you just filled in will appear on the “About” tab of your brand-new page.

Now onto the exciting part of your profile … PUBLISHING YOUR FIRST POST!

This could be a status update, a link to a fun resource or article you came across, a photo or a video, creating an event or a milestone and the list goes on. New and fresh content on your business page will make it look all the more enticing once new visitors come over to check you out. With that being said, please keep in mind that visual content does exceedingly well, and Facebook is now ranking Live Video content even higher in people’s newsfeeds.

Lastly, if you plan on SHARING YOUR SOCIAL MARKETING DUTIES with a team, you will want to grant access to said members with various role options. Here are the rolls (including brief descriptions of what that role entails) that you can choose from:

  • Admin: Complete access to everything. You are “admin: by default, but also have the ability to add other team members to have the same access as you.
  • Editor: Can edit the page, send messages, post as the page, create Facebook ads, see which admin created a post or commented on something on the page as well as view insights.
  • Moderator: Can respond and delete comments on the page, send messages as the page, see which admin created a post or commented on something on the page as well as view insights.
  • Advertiser: Can see which admin create a post or commented on something on the page as well as view insights.
  • Analyst: Can see which admin create a post or commented on something on the page as well as view insights.

To add those special team members (aka. “Page Collaborators”) to your Facebook business page, just go to your “Settings” and select the “Page Rolls” section. In the field box you can type in the name of any friend you have on Facebook or a person who has “liked” your business page. As an alternate solution, if none of those are an option for you, you can type in an email address associated with a person’s Facebook account.


CONGRATULATIONS! You Facebook business page is now up and ready to deliver amazingly awesome content to your fans and grow into something truly wonderful!

You should celebrate. And honestly, it wasn’t as hard as you thought it was going to be, was it?

As an ending note, if you’re struggling o complete all the actions to create yourself the “perfect” Facebook business page, there are many people (including myself) who are available to help set you up and get your name out in the world. This includes other platforms beyond Facebook. Or, if you’re all set-up but wanting someone to create your content, graphics and post daily for you … that’s an option as well. If this is you, check out what solutions Virtually Untangled can offer your business then feel free to drop me a line so we can talk about your social media action plan and get you to the place you need to be because being “social” is important for your business!

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