Copywriting 101

Your job is not to write copy. Your job is to know your visitors, customers and prospects so well, you understand the situation they’re in right now, where they’d like to be, and exactly how your solution can and will get them to their ideal self.

~ Joanna Wiebe, Conversion Copywriter and Founder Copyhackers

If you think about it, copywriting is the art and science of strategically delivering words (written and/or spoken) that gets people to take some form of action. To truly excel in your business’s copywriting (or as a copywriter — if that’s your jam!) consider what you are trying to say before you say it … Get people to feel, think or respond.

So, in short, copy isn’t just a bunch of words on a page.

Copy has the power to persuade, educate and inform your ideal clients about your business and offerings. But by not putting any real thought into the copy you are producing; you are missing out on valuable opportunities with your ideal client(s). Most believe that copy is supposed to be “creative” or complicated with new tricky words that make a bold statement. But in reality, copy should be simple yet memorable so your ideal clients can relate as opposed to scratch their head trying to figure it – and you! — out.

Today, I am going to be sharing with you the 3 KEY CONCEPTS you can take to the bank about writing copy that will pack a punch. This “untangling” formula will help you regardless of what you are writing … Whether it be social posts, a blog post or even copy for a new lead magnet you plan on sharing with the world. No matter what it may be, you need these key concepts in place in order to hit it home.


The FIRST is going to be hone in on your ideal client.
By now, you should have an understanding of your ideal client’s pain points. This may take some market research in order to hone in on. You may have to send out a few short surveys, talk to people on the phone (or virtually on Zoom), or perhaps dive into some research online. Whatever the case, knowing exactly what your ideal client is struggling with (in their own words), will make you more relatable to exactly where they are at right now.

The SECOND is knowing where they want to go.
You see, we can talk all day about the problems your clients are facing. However, what gets them to hit “buy now” is you talking directly to where they want to go. It is about getting your ideal client from point A to point B and showing them exactly what that will look like for them. For an example, when you consider your customer journey, this is where you will paint their bigger picture of the end of the journey for them.

Lastly … the THIRD is all about the solution and wrapping all the pieces together.
Positioning yourself as the expert, showing them that you are the person that will take them from point A to point B, is what will get you those raving fans. Copywriting is all about bringing their “pain points” to the forefront and showing them the possible ways of solving it. Then using your service(s)/product(s) as the solution to get them from dream to reality.

Here’s the only thing you’re selling, no matter what business you’re in and what you ship: you’re selling your prospects a better version of themselves. ~ Joanna Wiebe, Conversion Copywriter and Founder Copyhackers

So, when you keep these key concepts in mind, you can easily craft content that will get your ideal clients lining up at your virtual door wanting all you have to offer.

Here at Virtually Untangled, we focus on crafting content that feels as if you were sitting right across from your ideal client. And as we create content, we look to also build relationships by providing valuable content just like this very blog post! If you are currently struggling with crafting content that converts – and sounds amazing! – Drop us a line so we can chat about how to get you from that frustrating point A to a seamless point B.

Copywriting at its core is all about your ideal client!

When you focus on your ideal client’s pain points and position your offering as the solution, you can successfully craft content that will lead directly into sales!

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Crystal is one of the most organized individuals on the planet. She is by all means a Zen master of her crafts. She excels at helping others become “untangled” and provides her clients with tools to run their businesses smoothly while she takes care of the details behind the scenes. Thus Virtually Untangled was born. A successful business where her work as a top notch creative in graphic and web — with a twist of virtual assistant — married into one amazing place where clients can come with their virtual messes and become magically untangled. Crystal can always make sense of even the most unorganized chaos and offers a virtual detox of order and peace, so her clients can get busy doing the work that they love the most.

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