Business Manifestos – Do You Have One?

Everything we do is guided by our manifesto. It’s about being a part of something larger than just the basics in business.

You may be wondering what I mean by that or even possibly what a manifesto is. Let me explain …

A manifesto documents what your business believes. It shines a light on your perspective. Having a manifesto is shorthand for good business and content marketing practice. Having a good one makes people think ‘this is a business with meaning’. The truly best manifestos are created with the customers in mind, but they are more than just a promise.


“Great manifestos think big. They document the change you want to bring to the world.”


Here are a handful of examples in which I feel produce true meaning beyond just a promise …

New Business Manifesto Packmahome Manifesto Idea Manifesto RM Manifesto Manifesto Guided Holstee Manifesto

That last example you see is actually hung up in my office/art studio to remind me about who I am and what I am capable of as a creative individual and as a human being.

Creating a manifesto for your business can help you in more ways than you may imagine and is a worthwhile exercise in itself; clarifying your thinking and giving you the confidence boost you may need — especially in the beginning stages.

So, if you feel you are ready to write yourself a manifesto, here are some questions to consider …

  • When it comes to your industry, what really winds you up and fills your soul with passion?
  • What do you feel everyone else gets wrong?
  • What could be so much better if people only did something about it?
  • If you were “in charge” of your industry, what is the one thing that would need to stop happening right this very second?
  • What matters to your customers? To you as a business owner in your industry?
  • How does your approach make things better for your customers?
  • What are the “top 5 rules” you want to break down for what you can offer better than anyone else?


Manifestos are all about belief, inspiration and passion.

So, ask yourself this … What does your business stand for? Would a manifesto help tell your story?


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