Are You Needing a Boost in Willpower?

Let’s talk about the ever so popular buzzword, willpower, and the spotlight it usually takes in the entrepreneur world. There is truthfully no secret that willpower is vital and necessary if you ever imagine succeeding as an entrepreneur in this big, bright and colourful world!


So, you’re probably wondering … what exactly is willpower?

Willpower is what will keep you going. It is essentially denying short-term gratifications for longer term goals. Willpower is a key component to becoming a successful entrepreneur, but willpower alone is just not enough.

Willpower is the concept of having the will or the force to proceed. We hear too many times of entrepreneurs attributing their success to willpower and willpower alone. But here is the truth, willpower will only take you so far. It will help you in working hard and showing up in your business consistently, but then you will reach a point where you will need other pieces to the puzzle.

So, if you want to see real success as an entrepreneur, you need to combine willpower with another component; the power of time. Willpower is after all a muscle … the more you practice it and use it, the stronger it will get over time by building up its own muscle memory. 

Like a muscle, willpower can be strengthened. ~ Laura Entis

Let’s take a few moments to dive into the WHY behind why you should start thinking of the power of time in your entrepreneurial journey …

A great place to start is by paying attention to how you are allocating your time. Productivity and efficiency in your business is vital in order to be successful. Both these concepts; productivity and efficiency, are related to time. Having willpower but lacking in these two, are more likely to hinder the growth of your business rather than to launch it into a massive growth spurt. Also, a lack of systems and automations in place and running solely on willpower and willpower alone, will lead to a downhill spiral to burnout-ville.

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Daniel Thomas Hind, CEO of EvolutionEat, a health coaching company for entrepreneurs, found himself in exactly this position. As he mentioned in his interview with, he had absolutely no systems in place that would allow for his startups to run without him. 

“I didn’t have time to sleep, which is a pretty big red flag,” he laughs. “Despite coaching all my clients to do the opposite, I was operating on pure willpower.” (source)

One thing I know for sure is that entrepreneurship is not a linear journey, in fact, it requires many hours of your life dedicated to a certain idea (or plan), only to have you move onto the next idea. However, it is purely the combination of willpower alongside the power of time that will eventually lead you to a gloriously successful life as an entrepreneur. In fact, Malcom Gladwell, in his book The Outliers, provides numerous examples of successful entrepreneurs who dedicated the magical number of 10,000 hours to master their craft all to see it transform into success. Whether it be Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or even The Beatles … greatness requires an enormous amount of time, none of these successes happened overnight!

The Beatles, over a span of 4 years, performed over 1000 times in Hamburg, Germany which resulted in over 10,000 hours. So, my friends, you must get on that power of time train!

You don’t want to be standing there with just willpower in your pocket. 


With that being said, this is now the time in your life when you should assess how much time you spend in pursuit of your entrepreneurial dreams?

As well as what you are doing with said time so can move on forward in an efficient manner?

So, YES … you DO have the willpower to accomplish anything in your business as well as any one of (maybe even all) of the dreams on your bucket list.

But you must first ask yourself … 

Am I channeling my willpower in a timely manner?

The secret of time is simply this: Time is the force that magnifies seemingly insignificant things you do every day into something titanic and unstoppable. Consistently repeated positive daily actions compounded over time will bring unconquerable results.
~ Jeff Olsen

If you think about it, the power of time presents itself in your ability to seize the right opportunity at exactly the right time. So, as you can see, it is in fact the marriage of willpower with the power of time that leads to your successful entrepreneurial journey … and not willpower alone.


So, let me ask you …
How are you exercising your willpower muscles in combination with the power of time in your entrepreneurial journey?

Let me know in the comments!

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