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On Monday I talked with you about the why you shouldn’t DIY your logo. Now that you know the hazards and you’ve just finished wading through all the logo possibilities for your business. In a perfect world, you and your designer only took 3 days to complete your logo design process and you are now ready to start using this design on items to start marketing your business. But WHOA … you don’t know where to start! So, what next?

Well, for starters your logo should be presented in as many places as humanly possible, to maximize full exposure. By focusing on consistency, your viewers will soon know what your business is all about just by your logo alone.

To alleviate some of the brain pain in figuring out what to do and in what order, I’ve created a simple yet practical “starter” list of ideas to get the ball rolling …


  1. Social Media Profiles:
    Each of the social media platforms you use should have your logo and brand placed with consistency. Not only should your logo be placed onto each of these, but your branding should match how your logo looks and feels and everything TOGETHER should represent your business and provide content about your business. So, make sure (and I can’t stress this enough) to be consistent.
  2. Website:
    This needs to be prominent and in more than one location … the header, on the main page, the footer with your contact details and if you feel like it … again on your contact page. The more your viewers see it the more your logo (and business) will be instilled in their minds. Also, don’t forget to create a favicon (a favicon is that teeny tiny logo displayed on the left side of your browser’s address field. If your website gets favourited, the favicon icon will also be displayed in the user’s bookmarks).
  3. Email Signature:
    Some feel an email signature is just a name. But truly think about how many business emails you send out every single day. Your email signature is not only your most frequent place to promote your brand but probably the most cheapest with the least amount of commitment. Don’t leave this step out, it’s highly important especially when automated and regulated correctly.
  4. Business Cards:
    This level of marketing can make or break you even if you have a good logo. You also need to have a great layout to match what your brand is trying to perceive. A few weeks back I talked about this in a blog called: “Bad Business Cards = Bad Business”. Feel free to refer to it if you’re uncertain of where to start with this portion of branding.
  5. Promotional Materials:
    Customizing fun promotional items with your new business logo is very useful that customers will be able to enjoy in their everyday lives and it keeps your business in their minds long after a business event. When it comes down to what to choose, think pens, paper weights, recyclable bags, notepads, stress balls, boxes with yummy treats in them …and seriously, this list could go on forever! Choose wisely!
  6. Signage/Banners/Decor:
    If you have an office location, having your logo placed on these items will enforce your brand to those who pass by your establishment. If you happen to have a home-business, you can still take great pleasure in creating and presenting these items and put them to good use in the background of your live webinars or Facebook live videos. Also, don’t forget to add your new logo onto stationary, letterhead, mailers and all your business forms/contracts. The more places you showcase your logo the better and this all comes down to brand consistency (again).


Congratulations! You are now well on your way with showcasing the essence of your brand!

If you have a new business logo and can’t wait to share it with the world, or maybe you’re looking for suggestions because you can’t decide on which logo feels “right” to YOU, please drop by Virtually Untangled on Facebook and leave your logo (or ideas) in the comments. I would love to see what you have going on!


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