What’s The Deal with Bloglovin’?

Bloglovin launched its amazing self, back in November of 2007 with the purpose of helping anyone read their favorite blogs all in one place. They wanted their readers do this in a way that enhanced their reading experience, while at the same time sending traffic back to the bloggers they were following. Which has brought us to today where 25,000,000+ people — per month — now anyone can visit Bloglovin to discover inspiring content from millions of bloggers from all around the world. Which is pretty amazing if you ask me!

And that’s why we wanted to give you a bit of insight about this platform in this special blog post today …

To share with you all why we <3 this platform so dang much!

You’ve probably seen a few social posts from me that say, “follow me on Bloglovin”. For us here at Virtually Untangled, it’s another platform for us to showcase our blog on an app format so our readers always have ease of access to our content and even can read on the go! This app is a fun tool for keeping up with our blogs.


And it works just like this ….

To FOLLOW blogs and keep track of unread posts that you’re saving for a rainy day or travel time, Bloglovin’ shows you what posts have been published since your last log-in, making your blog reading way more efficient. (And as you know, here at Virtually Untangled, we’re all about efficiency and time savers!) This means, no more scrolling through lists upon lists of blog posts while wondering where all the new stuff is! ?

You can also create a collection which helps you keep all your favourite stories organized. As well as give a post a <3 which then saves it under your “LOVES” tabs. And same as all the other social platforms, you can follow individuals, gain followers and keep track of your analytics.


Now, if you’re interested in adding your blog to Bloglovin’ for a boost in traffic you just have to hit the button “claim” your blog, and follow a few quick steps for initial hook up (entering a snippet of HTML code into your blog pages to prove it’s your blog) and it will appear in Bloglovin’s topic search and even upon the most popular post pages. And after you do that, don’t forget to go tweak your profile and create some social posts to let people know where to find you. OR you can just write your blog posts directly in the platform (either on the mobile phone app or via your computer). They truly make it easy to be apart of all the greatness that is Bloglovin’

And yes, Bloglovin’ is really that simple whether you’re a blogger looking for a new outlet OR a reader looking for some inspiring new content.


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