All-Inclusive Retainers

As a business owner, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish all things.

So, close you eyes and imagine this … You have a graphic designer, a social guru, a copywriter, web tech help and a VA on call to help you with whatever you need, when you need it. I bet that got your hamster wheel spinning!

Maybe you need some social images or help with that eBook that isn’t going to format itself. Or your website has some funky issues and you don’t have time or patience for it anymore …

Perhaps you want to say YES to it all …!

And get untangled VA style because your computer is a mess, you can’t seem to remember your password, the floor around you is stacked with papers that need organizing and you can’t find your cat! Well, we can’t help you find your cat, but we can help you with all those other goals.

Choosing one of our all-inclusive retainers is the most cost-efficient solutions opposed to hiring in-house. YOU get to choose how much time you need. YOU get to choose which projects get tackled when. And, YOU are not stuck paying a full-time employee by the hour.

Now, I think that calls for an ultimate high-five!

Innovative designers.
Passionate organizers.
Genius storytellers.

Below is a list of our all-inclusive retainers — meaning you not only have the options to get some design work done (graphic or web) but you can also get the help you need with the every day stuff.

(Yes, VA too!)


$350 CAD (valid 30 days from purchase)


$700 CAD (valid 30 days from purchase)


$980 CAD (valid 30 days from purchase)


$1,260 CAD (valid 30 days from purchase)


$1,750 CAD (valid 30 days from purchase)

*All packages are a discounted bundle rate from our hourly fee.

Just Looking for VA Untangling?

We are on your side and want to do everything we can to help.
So, if you don’t need the fancy design or web work, and just need to be virtually “untangled” …