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Here at Virtually Untangled, we offer a "buffet" of services to help our forward-thinking clients succeed in a world of digital. But we also like to keep things simple by putting our clients (YOU!) in the driver's seat so they can make informed choices about how to best manage their business -- and money.
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/uhn-tang-gel/   (verb)

… To be in virtual tangled or twisted state of being (or mind). To make something that is complicated or confusing easier to understand or deal with. To remove from an untidy / unwildly virtual state of being.

Batman has no superhuman powers. Instead, he trains his body and mind, and prepares for eventualities.
He’s a reminder that success is 90% preparation. 

Superman has supernatural powers, but they can be nullified if he comes in the presence of a mineral from his home planet, Krypton.

Spider-Man‘s self-absorption prevented him from apprehending an escaping thief who went on to kill his beloved Uncle Ben.
This taught him that with great power comes great responsibility, a message that applies the workplace.


Virtually Untangled has an array of multi-passionate super powers, and that’s “untangling” #AllTheThings …

From design and content, right through to digital an organization. Creativity is our “secret sauce”, but being the organized nerds we are … so is that too! These things are what makes our merry-go-round, well … GO ROUND! In our opinion, you’ve got the vision, now it’s time to join forces and bring that vision to life. But before we begin creating, we must together explore and simplify #AllTheThings so we can build up your brand in a way that is authentically YOU. Just the way it should be.

These days, with the economy starting to slide, and it may take superhero abilities to keep your balance and push forward.

That being said, it’s really about getting back to the basics and refocusing our attention on the foundation in which we built our empire on. That’s the best way to maintain momentum and growth. Within all the innovation, there still lies a deep well of knowledge, strategy, ethics, dreams and goals, and processes that stand the test of time. And it’s TIME to MAKE TIME and open space to get back to the basics — the WHY behind why we do what we do!

life is more than one long, big ass to-do list.


get virtually "untangled" ... for digital survival. with graphic design. with digital glue services. with virtual assistance. with everything in between.

Survival Packages

Every business is at a different stage when it comes to their marketing and digital-facing needs. That’s why we offer specialized “survival” packages that are easily customizable to meet your needs.

Branding + Design

This is our “secret sauce”. It’s time to join forces and bring that vision to life through services such as logos, social media,  newsletters, eBooks, and even promo videos. The virtual world is truly your oyster.

Digital Glue Options

We are a brand, design, and digital creative agency. We bring new brands to life and breathe new life into existing ones. Our most requested “untangling” services are bundled by social and web.

Virtual Assistance

The world of to-do’s is large and vast! We take organization and productivity VERY seriously (hence “untangled” in our name). Hiring a virtual team is the new-age, cost-effective way of doing business.


We thought we were broken …!

Then the term “multi-passionate entrepreneur” landed in our lap and we realized we just LOVE to do #AllTheThings so why choose just one area when our team is skilled in many! Our services don’t fit neatly into a conventional box (just like you and your business don’t). And we not only bring the skills … the know-how … the talent … and the organization, but passion to every single thing we do — and we’re crystal clear on our standards and goals when it comes to help you.

So, enjoy the smorgasbord!


Every business is at a different stage when it comes to their marketing and digital-facing needs. That’s why we offer these specialized “survival” packages that are easily customizable to meet your needs — no matter how big or small the goal(s).


You’re at the point and have all the elements of your brand in place, but need some help getting them to virtually come together. That’s why we bundled our most requested digital “untangling” services by social media and web.


This here is our “secret sauce”. It’s what makes our merry-go-round, well … go round! You’ve got the vision, now it’s time to join forces with us to bring that vision to life with customizable à la carte options and pricing.


The world of to-do’s is large and vast! We nerds take organization and productivity very seriously (hence “untangling” in our name!). These packages let you choose how much time you need, when you need it.


Sometimes you need a bit of everything — all bundled under one hub! You get us as a designer, a social guru, a copywriter, and a VA. We’re here to help with whatever you need, all at once.


We understand that packaged service offerings or retainers aren’t for everyone.

So, these rates are the perfect options for individuals who aren’t ready for monthly or packaged commitments.
These rates only require a minimum of a one-hour contract. Additional time is billed in 30-minute increments beyond that first hour.
(An all-inclusive estimate based upon the chosen support rate will be provided appending project details.)

Per Hour
All prices in Canadian dollars (CAD)
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author /
Per Hour
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podcast supports
Per Hour
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graphic design
Per Hour
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website supports
Per Hour
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+ some perks

to welcome you to your tangle-free work life!

free 30-min consultation

If you would like to chat about your businesses “untangling” needs, dreams, goals, and desires, then give the button below a quick click to BOOK your FREE non-“sales-y Sally” 30-minute consultation for the purpose of determining your wants and needs, timelines, service package options, and negotiating terms.


Want to get “untangled” immediately but don’t need a full package at the moment? Then this 90-minute “untangling” session is for you! This will give us the time we need to discuss your virtual pain point(s), figure out how to solve them and what steps need to come next, then you’re back in the game … doing what you do best!

10% off referral discount

We love to treat our VIP clients with appreciation for the referrals they send our way by offering a 10% discount to their next invoice for every single new client who signs up to get “untangled” with us. YES! You heard us right … every client = 10% off your next invoicel. (Limited to one discount per referral per invoice allowed.)

looking to ease your pain points
on a much larger scale?

Well, we put ourselves in your shoes and look at things through your lens.

We love to listen to our clients and their needs. Getting internally “untangled” isn’t just necessary for the survival of any business, it’s essential. Having said that, you need a team that’s just right. And since we’ve worked in the corporate world for oodles of years, we understand. We will help you find your pain points, take care of the tasks that waste your time, and help train your team so they can take over and run the show for you so you can finally — once and for all — have the time you need to do what you do best, while they take care of the rest!


Entrepreneurs and business owners of all shapes and sizes are known as ideators and dreamers — and without us, this world would spin a heck of lot slower. And these days, originally good ideas and exceptional skills are far and few between, but they are when found are unbelievably valuable. And that’s where Virtually Untangled comes in …

Crystal and her team of virtual honorary “untanglers” can make sense of even the most unorganized chaos and offer a virtual detox of order and peace, so you can get busy doing the work that you love and do best, while we here at VU take care of the rest! #Teamwork #DreamWork

Graphic Design / Marketing
Website Design (UE/UI)
Copy / Ghostwriting
Virtual Assistance
Blog / Podcast Assistance
Social Media Management
Email / Social Marketing
Adobe CC + Canva
WordPress (and Others)
Microsoft Products
Platform Set-up / Untangling
Tech Support(s)
FB / IG / LI / TW (and more ...!)
MailerLite / MailChimp (and more ...!)

“Real change is difficult at the beginning, but gorgeous at the end. Change begins the moment you get the courage and step outside your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Roy Bennett, Author of The Light in the Hearts

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